Volunteer in Florence, Italy | Volunteer Abroad in Florence ProgramsVolunteer Abroad in Florence, Italy programs place you in the beautiful Tuscan hills. Florence is a city that is known for its Renaissance art, architecture and monuments as well as its culture and cuisine. If you are thinking about volunteering, as a World Heritage Site and major tourist destination for all it has to offer[i] Florence is worth considering.

Why Consider a Volunteer Abroad in Florence Program?

A Volunteer Abroad in Florence program may help you cultivate useful and work-related skills. Whether you are interested in volunteering to teach English Abroad, or finding a program that relates to your educational path, many future social workers, healthcare professionals and trade workers find international volunteering opportunities that enhance their studies and for which they may even be awarded college credit.[ii]

FUN FACT: To say “volunteer” in Italian, you can say ‘voluntario’ (web)[iii]

On the personal satisfaction front, a volunteer abroad program can give you time to soak up your surroundings in a different way than you would as a tourist. Live and help out in your community to take part in the culture as an insider with a purpose. And in your down-time, get to know Florence.

Walk On!

Florence is actually a great walking city since the inner core is largely closed off to automobiles. Stroll the cobblestoned streets, stop at a café in the Piazza della Repubblica to people watch or take in outdoor monuments and sculptures.

Museum Hop

For art conservationists and historians, Florence is reputed to have the greatest concentration of art in the world[iv]; Take in Botticelli, Michelangelo, Pisano, Donatello. Museums and galleries are numerous. On that note, while you may not be able to contribute to art preservation or upkeep on a professional level, you might look into a Volunteer Abroad in Florence opportunity where you could help as an international volunteer with any maintenance projects.

Don’t Go Hungry

Florence is renowned  for its hearty cooking style and local chianti, so you will not go hungry although you may prefer to find non-tourist restaurants where you can eat without breaking the bank. Many people flock to the Taste Florence Food Festival in the Spring[v] but Florence always sees activities on the foodie front; chocolate, olive oil, polenta – many local products are celebrated with fairs, festivals and tastings.[vi]

Placements and Programs

There are a variety of Volunteer Abroad in Florence opportunities depending on what your preferences are. For instance, many volunteer programs are focused on Teaching English as a Foreign Language. This type of program sometimes has you stay with a local Italian family, so you could potentially improve your language and teaching skills while assisting them with their English. Other programs may include community development or working with children.

How to Find the Right Volunteer Abroad in Florence Program

Volunteer Abroad in Florence programs may be offered year round, but you can select the duration you wish to spend there, whether a full year or a few months. It is usually preferable to have some basic Italian language skills, although it may not be a prerequisite; you may also be able to volunteer abroad in conjunction with a study abroad. To fine tune your search, select a work type – art, education, translation or another preferred field. Then, go through the sponsored listings. As easy ‘learn more’ tab will bring up the program details.

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