Are you looking for a unique way to combine serving your favorite cause and supplementing your college education? Volunteer in Germany to supplement your college education with a unique opportunity. With these programs, you may have the opportunity to either earn college credit or take a brief respite from your academic studies while giving back to a community in need. Plus, you may have the opportunity to gain valuable work and/or internship experience and start expanding your professional network into the international community. Conversely, if you are just looking to fulfill your sense of adventure and experience something new, your volunteer trip abroad may just exceed your expectations.

One Language? Why Not More?

A volunteer in Germany excursion may afford you the chance for learning German language skills through immersion, but why practice only one language? Like other European countries, it’s easy to cross German borders into neighboring countries and with such an international mindset, you may have the opportunity to try out your Italian, French, Spanish or any of the area’s other major languages. Though you may be based in a German city, you may also have the chance to work with international citizens. If you’re up for it, you may just learn two or three languages during your stay.

Volunteer in Germany

What is your field and where do you want to volunteer? Volunteer work in Germany may give you a different perspective on your academic area of interest or chosen professional industry. For instance if you are currently participating in a pre-med program, you might choose to work giving basic health care to communities in need. During this process, you have the chance to become familiar with the German hospital and medical care system. Through this, you may notice both similarities and differences between the German and American health systems, which may guide your career trajectory and understanding of the international medical community.

Choose How Long You Stay

You may have unique academic and personal responsibilities, but volunteer opportunities in Germany offer you a range of program lengths that may fit your schedule. If you want to spend a few weeks abroad and then get back for your internship, perhaps you should consider a shorter summer or Maymester program. However, if you want to complete an internship as a volunteer abroad in Germany, you may need to stay for a semester or a year. In many cases, the longer programs may offer a stipend for living expenses.

Gain Valuable Resume Experience

Volunteer and internship work abroad may be a great way to get your professional foot in the door. Many professionals don’t have international experience, so you may render yourself more competitive in the job market. Additionally, if you’re considering working abroad after graduation or continuing onto a higher degree program at an international university, a volunteer abroad experience may be a valuable addition to your resume. Furthermore, you may have the opportunity to begin establishing an international professional network and start making contacts for after graduation.

Contribute to a Cause

Do you have a particular cause or niche you are passionate about? Volunteer work is a great way to give back to a community while also learning more about it. With enough research, you may find a program that combines your favorite cause and academic area. For instance if you are heavily involved in interpersonal violence prevention and are pursuing a business degree, you might find a program helping domestic abuse survivors start their own entrepreneurial enterprises. When you’re looking for programs, don’t be afraid to get a little creative and get ready to jump headfirst into the local culture.