Volunteer in London Programs AbroadPresident Barack Obama famously said, “The best way to not feel hopeless is to get up and do something.”[i], and those who wish to Volunteer in London are likely to feel accomplished after their program is completed. Making the decision to apply for to volunteer internationally could help you acquire invaluable skills in your desired career path, network with other passionate people in your desired industry and have the opportunity to help people and communities that are in need.

Volunteering is often portrayed in two ways: one being a minor, one day event a local community partakes in together. The other is an intensive program that is specifically for full time activists. For a college student who is seeking to make a difference in the world, both of those options may suffice. There are full time volunteer options as well as the ability to take a full course load of classes while being able to volunteer part time. No matter how volunteering may factor into your life those who spend their life and sometimes their career working for the rights and welfare of others, giving back to communities in need or other charitable efforts might greatly benefit from volunteering internationally.

Why Consider Volunteering Abroad in London?

  1. Be a Part of a Giving Culture

London is a modern metropolitan city with old world charm. Both the people of London and English Parliament make it a point to have many volunteer opportunities available, and even the Mayor of London has a website dedicated to Londoners finding the right volunteer work for them.[ii]

To volunteer abroad in London might be a great experience for a student who is interested in giving back where the culture praises and thrives on the philanthropic efforts of its people.

  1. Give But Still Have Time For Your Studies

If you’re passionate about a cause volunteering abroad in London has the potential of being quite the opportunity to pursue your meaningful path. Although there are volunteer opportunities that are full time, many students do not have the option of time off to pursue charitable efforts. If this sounds like you, check for a programs that offer a full time course load as well as volunteer opportunities to participate in. That way you are not sacrificing your potential to earn your degree on time for your charitable passions.

  1. An Impactful Work Experience

Whether it’s volunteering or simply studying abroad, students often notice a change in how they view the world and themselves once completing a program overseas. Not only are you given the opportunity to be totally independent but your skills are likely to be put to the test in a practical, real world way. This could instill confidence in a student that could not have been gained any other way.

Some students may find it difficult to gain decent work experienced in their desired field that might eventually help advance their career. Volunteer work is not only just enriching personally, but also has the potential to enhance your career after your assignment. Some programs offered do not require prior experience or grade requirements as well.[iii] That can mean there is virtually no limitations that might restrict you from participating in this once in a lifetime opportunity.

When you are off on location helping needy communities, an added benefit is the probability you may become a part of your own community of volunteers. London is home to international volunteers and students that you might have the pleasure of meeting on assignment. The opportunity to meet other volunteers from around the world, as well as the people you serve might result in lifelong cherished friendships and memories.

Did you know? The Statue of Liberty could fit comfortably inside London’s 02 Arena![iv]

Take the Next Step Towards a Volunteer in London Opportunity

What are you waiting for? The perfect volunteer opportunity is out there for you, and it might be based in London! Whether you are looking for a week’s long program or a more long term volunteer project, serving internationally is likely to be the rewarding experience you’ve been looking for. Cheers

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