Volunteer in Colombia | Volunteer Abroad in ColombiaColombia offers a biologically diverse land to explore and a wide array of volunteer projects to take part in. During a volunteer abroad in Colombia program, you may become involved in rebuilding towns or teaching in schools, while simultaneously delving into the fascinating culture you will be living amongst. No matter the time of year, warm weather awaits, so read on to learn more about this rewarding opportunity and the exciting culture of the Colombian people. Learn more about Volunteer in Colombia programs below!

Why Consider Volunteer in Colombia?

Volunteering abroad in Colombia could be a great way to test your own academic skills in a hands-on setting, or just contribute to a country in need. Education is a popular area of focus. You might be able to practice your own teaching skills while helping children and adults develop a few of their own. Other projects may focus on constructing and renovating community buildings for underprivileged towns and villages. A little elbow grease could go a long was to improving the lives of Colombian citizens! Whatever your interests, there may be an array of volunteer opportunities for you to explore.

Cup of Joe

Coffee is an important part of everyday life in Colombia. Locals enjoy their coffee so much that servers often walk around with backpack-like cases of it – the better to serve it hot!  Colombians usually take their coffee after their meal accompanied with jovial talk and relaxation. To be authentic, order a “café tinto,” or a black coffee.

DID YOU KNOW? Due to its location near the equator, Colombia enjoys warm days year round. Depending on your altitude though, it could get quite chilly in some regions.

Just One Bite

Colombia has its own brand of native cuisine, and you should get ready to eat – a lot! Arepas are not to be missed when traveling in Colombia. It’s often served as a side-dish, or just a salty snack on its own. The dish is made out of cornmeal and typically served with butter and corn. Add a spicy chorizo and you have a tasty lunch! Or you could pair it with a plate of bandeja paisa if you’re feeling especially hungry. Colombia’s national dish serves you rice, beans, grilled meat, fried plantains, and is sometimes topped with a fried egg. Hope you’ve got room for seconds! If you’re looking for something more familiar, churros are sweet, long pieces of fried dough that very similar in taste to an American doughnut.

On Wheels

Some of Colombians favorite sports take place on wheels. One of Colombia’s most popular sports is cycling, with many sponsored teams traveling internationally and even to the Olympics. If bicycles aren’t your thing, you may have more success with roller skating. The Colombian team has often participated in the World Roller Speed Skating Championships and the country is a hub for roller skating. Many cities even offer cycling and skating tours, albeit at a much slower pace than the athletes.

Find a Volunteer Abroad in Colombia Program

By volunteering abroad in Colombia, you could help address the needs of a community – improve their infrastructure, teach English, or explore many other opportunities. Through the country’s cultural delicacies, warm hospitality, and varied landscapes you may feel that Colombia has given you many things in return. Heading home after volunteering abroad in Colombia could leave you a changed person, and you may have changed the lives you touched too. To find a perfect program for you, browse the listings below. You can view additional information by clicking the “Learn More” button. Happy hunting!