Volunteer in China | Volunteer Programs in ChinaWhy Consider Volunteer in China Programs

Are you considering a volunteer China program? Have you though about the cause you want to support? Do you want course credit or professional work experience? Volunteer abroad in China programs give students a unique experience as they immerse themselves in a new culture and language. You may have the chance to develop your fluency as you see how your niche operates on an international scale. With a volunteer abroad program in China, you might just have on of the most adventurous and meaningful experience of your college career. Read more below about Volunteer in China programs and opportunities.

Choose From a Variety of Locations

Volunteering in China is a unique experience and you get to choose where you’ll be. Would you like to study Mandarin at Fudan University? Would you prefer learning about Beijing’s local history? Do you want the opportunity to study wildlife in Tibet and Nepal? China is a massive country and just like the United States, each region is a little different. Do you know where you want to be? If you aren’t set on a location, that’s no problem. You may be able to find a program that takes you all over China and even into neighboring countries.

Pick Your Subject or Cause

In a China volunteer program, you may have the chance to select a program that aligns with the causes you are most passionate about. Do you want to work with orphans in need of medical attention? Would you like to be part of initiatives that make resources more accessible for rural communities? From engineering to the China Peace Corps, you may choose from a range of causes and academic subjects. Think about what you’re most passionate about and you may be able to find the perfect program for your interests.

Learn a New Dialect or Language

If there is one thing you might learn in the Peace Corps China, it’s that the Chinese language has a diverse group of dialects. While your university language courses may have exposed you to Mandarin, conversational speaking may be more difficult than the classroom at first. After a while, you might just start speaking more like a native. Of course, if you want the opportunity to learn Cantonese or another dialect, your program may afford you that opportunity. Look for universities where Cantonese is a main dialect and consider programs that focus on aiding Cantonese-speaking regions.

Decide Your Program Length

Deciding how long to stay in the East may be a bit of a challenge. You may have to get back to your home university eventually, but you certainly want to allow enough time to gain fluency or accomplish your volunteer goals. Program lengths vary from just a few weeks to full academic year or more. If you intend to increase your language fluency or complete an extensive volunteer project, a longer stay may be best. However, if you just want to get your feet wet, a shorter program may be the perfect length for you.

Choose a Program Type

Before you select a program, think about what you want to accomplish while you’re in China. Do you want to get course credit? Would you like to gain paid work experience? Do you want to complete an internship? What kind of volunteer project do you want to complete? The answers to these questions may help you decide what type of program to choose. While many volunteer programs offer work or course credit opportunities, you may have to prioritize what is your most important goal of your volunteer abroad in China. Once you understand what you want to accomplish, selecting the perfect Volunteer in China program for you may become a quite a bit easier.