Volunteering may be a wonderful way to develop skills, enhance knowledge, and meet new people. When you volunteer in Brazil, you may have the chance to do just that. Numerous programs exist across industries to help students gain experience, earn academic credit, and contribute to something they find important. Whether you opt to volunteer in a public or private institution in areas such as public or community service, business, environmental protection, or another exciting field, you’re likely to enjoy a life enhancing experience. Not to mention that you may get to work on your Portuguese and otherwise enjoy a fantastic adventure. For students who want an expansive and life-enhancing experience, volunteering in Brazil may be a wonderful option. 

Living in Brazil While You Volunteer Abroad

One of the beauties of volunteering abroad in Brazil may be that you get to engage with the community at a level often not experienced by tourists. Depending on your program, you might work with grassroots causes, learn from business professionals in your industry, hear from government officials how to create change, or otherwise interact with and connect with locals in various fields. This may help you to develop your professional acumen and build an international network.

While much of your time in Brazil will likely be devoted to volunteering, you still may have plenty of time to absorb Brazilian culture. Sharing food, engaging in cultural events, and exploring a new-to-you country may all be part of your daily experience.

In Brazil, food serves as a connective cornerstone in everyday life. Many people gather together to break bread and enjoy traditional Brazilian cuisine. Barbequed meat is a staple in many communities, and you might try grilled sausages, wild boar, or even chicken hearts. If you love seafood, as many Brazilians do, you might try a traditional Moqueca, or fish stew commonly served in a clay pot. You might also enjoy tried and true treats such as brigadeiros (delicious balls of chocolate similar to truffles), pão de queijo (crispy bread with a cheesy and chewy center), and pastéis, or fried pastries filled with meat, cheese, or vegetables. These are just some of the delicious foods you might enjoy when you volunteer abroad in Brazil.

Brazil also brims with cultural intrigue. While you’re in Brazil, you might learn to samba, explore ancient cave art, partake in Brazilian theatre, or otherwise taste Brazil’s cultural underpinnings. You might also enjoy exploring Brazil’s beautiful and iconic scenes. Try not to miss:

  • Standing at the foot of the famous Christ the Redeemer statue
  • Taking a structured tour of Favela to learn of the shanty town’s history and culture
  • Visiting Iguassu Falls, Olinda, or other sights famous for their natural beauty
  • Enjoying the festive and social atmosphere of Brazil’s beaches
  • Going out for a night of dancing, socializing, and exploring Brazil’s vibrant nightlife

All in all, studying in Brazil through a volunteer program may afford you a unique opportunity to gain professional experience, contribute to a community, and enjoy a fantastic and life-enhancing adventure.

Finding Programs to Volunteer in Brazil

There are many volunteer abroad opportunities awaiting your arrival in Brazil. Explore your options by visiting our listings below. There you can browse program options, gather more detailed information, and request additional information from the program provider. You may also be able to compare programs with other similar ones and read program reviews, when available. All of this information may help you make an informed decision. Once you’ve found a program you like, don’t hesitate to reach out. There may be no better time than now to start enhancing your resume, building your future, and enjoying a unique Volunteer in Brazil adventure. Good luck!