TEFL Programs in Barcelona | Teach English in BarcelonaPeople in countries throughout the world want to learn English. For students who want to travel the globe and help people develop their skills in this in-demand language, learning how to teach English could be a wonderful idea. Why not begin to develop your English-teaching skills through a TEFL Program in Barcelona?

TEFL Programs in Barcelona

Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) and Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) courses and programs help students do just that—learn how to teach English. Depending on the program, students might learn how to teach small children, teenagers, adults, or all three age-groups. They might learn how to teach people, especially those for whom English is a second or later language, how to read, write, speak, and listen to English. Students who take TEFL or TESOL courses or programs may become certified or begin the path to certification. It simply depends on the program.

What Might I Learn in My TEFL or TESOL Program in Barcelona?

While what you will learn in your TEFL or TESOL program depends on the program, we can give you a sense of what you might study.

First, given that people want to learn English for different reasons and at different levels, you might learn how to teach different types of English to learners at different levels. For example, you might study how to teach English broadly to beginner, intermediate, or more advanced learners, or you might study how to teach a particular type of English, such as that used in business, tourism, or international governance, for example. You’ll likely learn how to teach students for whom English is a second or later language, and you may learn how to teach a particular age group. Ultimately, however, what you learn depends on the programs and its components.

Second, you may study the many staples of TEFL and TESOL such as how to put together lesson plans, how to manage a classroom, how to teach language in general, how to utilize existing resources (in areas where language-learning resources are scarce), and, in some programs, how to find and apply for jobs teaching English. What a program considers “staple” might also vary from program to program.

Finally, in some programs, you might be able to participate in an internship teaching English in Barcelona. A teaching-component like this could help you develop your skills and apply what you learn on the job. You may also be able to add the experience to your resume.  

Why Learn to Teach English in Barcelona?

Since you’ve landed on this page, we can safely assume that you’re at least considering studying TEFL in Spain. Doing so could be a great idea, and doing so in Barcelona could be even better. After all, Barcelona is an amazing city with lots to see. Here are some great reasons to study TEFL in Barcelona:

  1. Even while you’re learning to teach English, you may be able to develop your own language skills in Spanish or Catalan, the two primary languages of Barcelona. While you’re navigating the city, ordering food at restaurants, running daily errands, interacting with friends, and reading newspapers, for example, you might be able to develop your reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills in these languages. Or, if you already speak Spanish or Catalan, you might enjoy the comfort of studying in a country where you’re already familiar with the language.
  2. If you want to teach English in Barcelona or Spain after your program, studying in Barcelona could be a great way to develop professional contacts. Whether you find the perfect contact or not, you may at least find friends who want to learn English and are happy to help you practice your new skills.
  3. Barcelona has a lot to explore, and wouldn’t it be great to supplement your TEFL program with a great adventure? Barcelona is a modern and bustling city that, much like many cities in Spain, blends time-tested art, architecture, and culture with the best of the modern age. World-renowned museums mix with local galleries, fairs, and festivals, and age-old castles and world heritage sites abut trendy restaurants, cafes, and discotecas. The city is artistic, spritely, and robust, and its culture invokes a unique and intriguing vibe.

These are just some of the great reasons to study TEFL in Barcelona. We imagine you also have some great reasons of your own. Why not jump in?

What Should I See and Do While I’m Studying TEFL in Barcelona?

Ultimately, you can trust your own nose when it comes to designing your time in Barcelona. We can, however, give you a sense of what you may do and see in Barcelona:

  • Engage in a scavenger hunt of Antonio Gaudi’s great works. This nineteenth century architect designed some of Barcelona’s most treasured sights, such as Sagrada Familia, Parc Güell, Casa Batlló, La Pedrera, and others. His works are stunningly unique and help bring Barcelona’s cityscape to life. 
  • See some of Picasso’s works in person. Revel the timelessness of his pieces. See his and others’ works at the Museu Picasso and Els Quatre Gats (a once-favorite gathering spot for famous artists!)
  • Share tapas (small dishes of food) with friends, enjoy cafés con leches, and dive into trendy or traditional menus. Consider eating as you tour by wandering through Barcelona’s many plazas or walking up La Rambla, a walkway lined by historical buildings. Meet friends, engage with locals, and otherwise enjoy Barcelona’s social scene as you do. 
  • Visit El Raval, one of Barcelona’s most diverse communities, and enjoy local foods, shops, and live music.

These and numerous other sights and activities await your arrival in Barcelona.

TEFL Programs in Barcelona​: What’s My Next Step?

If you’re interested in a Barcelona TEFL or TESOL program, there’s no reason not to explore your options. You can begin your search right here. Either browse our featured information here or use our search tool to refine your search according to your needs and desires. When you find TEFL Programs in Barcelona you like, contact it directly through our website for more information, to ask questions, or to register. It’s that simple. Take the next step now toward what might be a life-enhancing adventure! Good luck!