Teach English in Spain | Teach Abroad in Spain ProgramsIf teaching English is your passion, consider what your life may be like if you decide to pursue TEFL jobs in Spain. You could live in the heart of Madrid or in a more obscure region of Barcelona, Catalonia or Castilla y Leon. With English being a language that is in wide demand all across the globe, you may find that there are plenty of opportunities for you to teach it in Spain.

As a TEFL professional, you may already be aware of the challenges that many foreigners encounter when they come to the United States, while having little to no understanding of the English language. Your role is to expand their knowledge, understanding and ability to use English as natively as possible to enhance their lives and career prospects. In addition to helping foreigners to better grasp English, you may develop a deeper appreciation and understanding of the Spanish culture, its historical significance and residents.

Skills to Teach English in Spain

Pursuing an education is not enough to guarantee success as a TEFL professional. There are a variety of skills you should possess that may make your position much easier. In addition to being an excellent communicator and having an ear for foreign dialects and accents, you should possess the following skills.i

  • Ability to multitask.
  • Deep understanding of cultural differences and beliefs.
  • Ability to establish a relationship with students.
  • Ability to assess and identify each student’s strengths and weakness.
  • Adapt and create different strategies, curriculums and methods of instruction to increase understanding and application of concepts.

Whether you have previous teaching experience or not, many of these skills may be gained from classroom and instructional settings. A strong educational background may also help to enhance your current skillset so you may pursue higher level TEFL jobs in Spain.

Teaching Jobs in Spain

Entry level candidates may be able to improve their chances of obtaining higher level positions with more responsibilities and better salaries by working as nannies, tutors and in other capacities that will provide them with more hands on experience in dealing with Spanish native speakers who have little to no knowledge of the English language. Many upper level TEFL professionals often supplement their income by pursuing part time and freelance employment as caregivers, teachers, tutors and more in the private and public sectors.

As one of the world’s top travel destinations, Spain has a booming travel and business industry in which there are plenty of jobs available for people who have a good understanding and capacity to speak English fluently. Thanks to this boom, many graduates who seek to teach TEFL in Spain may enjoy more lucrative and rewarding positions instructing natives so they can pursue those opportunities.

Whether you are thinking about teaching English in Spain for a few months or for several years, it is important for you to consider the potential consequences. While there may be no shortage of opportunities for professionals such as yourself, many of those opportunities may only be available for individuals who hold higher credentials and some practical teaching experience.

As one of the top destinations for TEFL graduates, there are many opportunities for you to teach English in Spain. When pursuing TEFL jobs Spain, you should consider the requirements. Being an American is not enough to qualify you for a position in the field. In addition to having a high school diploma or GED, many employers may only consider candidates who have a mix of education, credentials and experience. To broaden your horizons and improve your chances of being an ideal candidate, you should explore your options wisely and use our resources to help you to make the most beneficial and informed choice.