Teach English in South Korea | Teach in KoreaAfter centuries of a tug-of-war between Japanese and Chinese rule and the recent events that produced two Koreas, South Korea has formed a strong sense of independence and national identity. The country welcomes the traditional and modern in equal degrees, and is one of the fastest-growing global areas of English language attainment. If you want to step outside of your familiar comfort zone, save some money, and develop as a person and a professional, teaching English in South Korea may be an ideal opportunity for you. With a culture nearly completely opposite of the Western world, you might find yourself constantly experiencing something completely new with Teach English in South Korea programs.

South Korea has created successfully some of the many attractive sites in Asia for teaching English abroad by native English speakers, with a compensation package that may cover costs of flights and accommodations. The initial incentives of teaching in South Korea may be just some of the many reasons why it is such a popular place to teach English abroad. The cities are busy and the scenery is breathtaking because only 30 percent of the mountainous country is inhabitable. Koreans are proud of their country and are enthusiastic about showcasing their homes through sincerity, honesty, and friendliness.

Teaching Jobs in South Korea

Opportunities to teach English in South Korea may be possible at both public and private institutions. The school year runs from March to February, with one month off for state schools in winter and summer. However, hagwons (private schools) still operate during school holidays, meaning that their vacation time is less than at public schools.

Private school placements for English teachers may be available throughout the year, including rolling departure dates and admissions. Prime teacher start dates for the fall are August to September and in the spring are February and March. Teaching in South Korea may offer you the potential to teach English in a nation that's anxious to master the language. In a culture in which academic success is highly valued, you may encounter many enthusiastic students.

Benefits of Teach English in South Korea Programs

Many teaching jobs in South Korea extend generous salaries and comprehensive benefits, such as subsidized health insurance, rent-free housing, and possibly even airfare. It may be an experience of a lifetime and a great way to earn money while you travel throughout this fascinating and economical country. Korea is an easy-to-navigate, small country. On weekends, you might experience incredible sites such as the Gwangjang Market in Seoul, Meokja Golmok at night, or the volcanic island of Jeju-do. You may also help fill the strong appetite South Korean children have to excel academically by encouraging an exchange of cultures. The experience may enable you to gain a deeper appreciation for the Korean community, students, and culture.

Essential skills for teaching English abroad

Although a TEFL, DELTA, or CELTA certification may make it simpler to pursue a job and possibly increase your pay, possessing one is not necessary to obtain a teaching job in South Korea. However, you must provide citizenship from a recognized English-speaking nation, a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university, and some positions require full-time teaching experience.[i]

South Korea boasts a large foreign teacher community from all over the world. Being abroad may put you in an unfamiliar world, but you might find common ground with many different people with whom you might not otherwise interact. These may be valuable and memorable aspects of teaching English in Korea. The sense of camaraderie between foreigners in Korea may be unlike any other experience in your life. Feel free to visit our Resources section if you need more help exploring teaching jobs in South Korea.