Pursuing TEFL courses in Ireland could be a great way to develop ESL teaching skills and knowledge while simultaneously exploring a country rich in history. The Emerald Isle may provide a safe learning environment amongst English speakers in which to study. Some programs might even offer opportunities to gain hands on experience in a classroom setting, all with the support of your teacher.

Of course, the environment outside the classroom may be equally welcoming! After class, you might have the chance to explore every nook and cranny Eiré has to offer. From natural wonders to historic sites, the country has plenty to keep you occupied. So why not immerse yourself in the rich Irish culture while studying English teaching techniques with TEFL courses in Ireland?

Why Train with TEFL Courses in Ireland?

TEFL courses in Ireland could be a great way to combine studying abroad with personal and professional development. Through a mix of teaching courses and potential real-world practice, TEFL courses aim to prepare you to teach anywhere in the world. So why start your English teaching education in Ireland?

For starters, Ireland is an English-speaking country. If you’re a native English speaker, you might be able to stay in your comfort zone. By pursuing TEFL courses in Ireland, you could focus on your education rather than adjusting to a new language. Of course, that doesn’t mean sacrificing the international experience. You might still immerse yourself in a new environment and learn to adjust to a different way of life. Then later you could take on the additional challenge of working in a country with a different language. But this time as a teacher!

For those less familiar with English, TEFL courses in Ireland might still be a perfect choice. Being surrounded by native English speakers could be a great way to boost comprehension and comfort with the English language. What better way to prepare to teach English then by enhancing your own? Simply living daily life could become a learning opportunity.

Best of all, this international experience could beget another! Some TEFL courses in Ireland may lead to certification to teach English around the world.  It might be time to start planning another international adventure, using your English teaching skills and knowledge as your ticket. TEFL courses in Ireland vary, so check with your intended program to see if certification might be an option for you.

Even if you plan to return home, TEFL courses may support your professional goals. For students pursuing teaching careers, this could be a great way to gain some in-classroom experience for your resume. Or, if you’re considering teaching EFL classes in the future, this might be a perfect chance to see how you like it.

Explore Eiré

TEFL courses in Ireland could be more than an academic experience. It may also afford you the chance to enjoy the Emerald Isle. With 32 counties, there’s plenty to explore. And, most of it could be easily accessed via buses, trains, ferry, or a short car ride!

For an authentic look at Ireland, you might want to stop at the Aran Islands. Off the coast of Galway, these islands have preserved much of Ireland’s native culture. And, many of its natural sights. Check out the towering Cliffs of Inis Mor (not to be confused with the Cliffs of Moher). You might even catch a glimpse of Inis Mor’s famous seal colony while you’re there. The Aran Islands could make for a great day trip. Just make sure the tides are calm for your ferry ride over.

History lovers might take a stop in Northern Ireland to see the Titanic Museum. Situated in Belfast where the ocean liner was built, you could see artifacts from the ill-fated voyage. Be sure to bring your passport and a few English pounds though. After all, Northern Ireland is technically part of the United Kingdom.

For those looking for a scenic excursion, you might try biking or driving the Ring of Kerry. Located on the Dingle Peninsula, this trek should enlighten you to why they call Ireland the land of “40 shades of green.” You might spend the day taking in the area’s sights. There’s many mountains, lakes, and valleys for you to explore. Get your cameras ready – you won’t want to forget this!

And then, of course, there is the rich Irish culture and heritage. For example, you could listen to some improvisational, traditional music concerts. Walk into any typical Irish pub (the more remote, the better) and you’re might find a group of locals who’ve cobbled together their instruments for an impromptu performance. You may even see some instruments that are unique to Ireland. While the tin whistle is a common choice, you probably have never seen a bodhrán. Though it looks like a typical drum, this Irish invention uses a distinct hand movement to provide a distinctive underlying beat to many songs.

And while you’re at the pub, don’t forget to try some traditional Irish food and drinks. Order a pint with some bangers and mash, a mix of sausage and potatoes. Or consider the Ulster Fry to start your day. This hearty meal consists of black and white pudding, bacon, sausages, tomato and potato farls (potato bread).  It will surely fuel your day’s adventure.

Of course, these are only a few sights and experiences you could enjoy during your Irish travels. Speak with your program to see if they have additional suggestions or even planned excursions as part of your course.

Prepare to Teach TEFL Courses in Ireland

TEFL courses in Ireland could be a great first step towards pursuing an international English teaching career. Or simply a fun way to combine international travel with an English teaching education. To start your adventure, take a look at the sponsored programs on this page. To learn more about a particular program, click its link. While there, you could read a little more about the program or request additional info. Good luck finding a perfect TEFL courses Ireland program!