Teach Abroad in London TESL ProgramsIf you are looking for the opportunity to develop your teaching skills while sharing your knowledge with others, perhaps a program where you can teach abroad in London might be the right choice for you. Teaching abroad could be a unique opportunity for a student who wishes to share knowledge of the English language to newly emigrated Englanders. The invaluable skills you have the opportunity to teach your students might be just as valuable as what you might get out of a teaching abroad experience.

A teach abroad program is commonly referred to as TEFL or TESOL programs. TESOL is defined as teaching English to non-native speakers in an English speaking country.[i] Many teach abroad programs in London are considered TESOL, and some programs might even offer a certificate upon completion. These certificates will come in handy if you decide to extend your stay or even live permanently in England, because a TESOL certificate is required to teach English to non-speakers in a full time position.

Why choose to teach English in London?

An Opportunity for More

Each TEFL courses in London have distinctive qualities that might interest you or give you the opportunity to better challenge yourself in a teaching setting. Some programs might even allow you to create your own curriculum! If your goal is to continue your teaching experiences in London, be sure to pick a program that offers a TEFL or TESOL certificate upon completion. The TEFL/TESOL certificate plus a Bachelor degree might be all the credentials you need to apply for the opportunity of teaching abroad full time.[ii]

The English school system is fairly flexible for aspiring teachers, especially aspiring international teachers. Aspiring teachers can become a “supply teacher”, which means when you are available you apply for work and hopefully you are placed where you are needed. This is the perfect choice for a newer teacher to London because you have the ability to be placed in many different teaching settings so you might find the right fit for you. As an overseas graduate looking for a teaching position in London those who focus on mathematics, physics or chemistry are considered higher priority and might be able to gain a working visa and position easier than other subjects.[iii]

Impact the Life of Others

Teaching others the English language is likely to change their life. English is the language of business, computers and the internet so learning English could open someone up for opportunities to advance their career. Furthermore, being able to speak English might give your students more confidence to interact within their local community.

The Learning Experience of a Lifetime

Although TEFL courses in London might be the educational experience you are looking for it could also be the catalyst for a great deal of personal growth. Whether it is studying or working abroad, college aged individuals are likely to gain confidence, practical knowledge in their desired field and a greater sense of independence they might not have acquired otherwise. Teaching abroad might also give you the opportunity to immerse yourself in London’s unique, multinational culture.

Did you know? On average, a teacher earns 37,400 a year, which in US dollars is a little over $50,000.[iv]

Discover the Perfect Teach Abroad in London Program

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