Want to teach English in San Jose? If you’re passionate about education, travel, and helping others, this might be for you. Teaching English in San Jose, you could experience the Costa Rican lifestyle, see the world, and learn something new. If you’re a certified teacher, teaching English abroad may be a great way to gain classroom experience in an international setting. New to teaching? You could see what it’s like to work in education, develop important interpersonal skills, learn a new language, and experience life abroad. In either case, you might work with a variety of age ranges, become an integral part of your local community, and scratch that wanderlust itch. All while adding important experience to your resume!

Why Teach English in San Jose, Costa Rica?

Teaching English in San Jose could be the experience of a lifetime, no matter what your reasons for wanting to go. Got bit by the travel bug? Teaching in San Jose might be the perfect opportunity to live and work abroad, allowing you the chance to explore Costa Rica in a way you couldn’t as a tourist. Then there’s the on-the-job experience. If you teach in San Jose, you could provide important service to your local community. You could work alongside people from all walks of life, and even get an inside look at what it’s like to grow up in Costa Rica. Plus, English teacher or teacher’s assistant positions may include a stipend to cover your living expenses, potentially reducing some financial stress and enabling you to focus on what really matters: your classroom, your students, and your experience in Costa Rica! Programs vary so read descriptions carefully and contact programs for details.