Teach English in Costa Rica TEFL Programs InformationTo teach abroad in Costa Rica might be the perfect chance for a student pursuing a degree in education to gain practical skills and understanding, all while still enjoying the benefits of a study abroad program. This opportunity is unlike any other teaching program since you have the potential of learning and perhaps mastering a local Spanish dialect while teaching your students the English language. What you get out of the teach abroad in Costa Rica experience could be greatly impact your life and might be as life changing for you as it is the students you teach.

Why Teach English in Costa Rica?

Costa Rica is 200 miles of land deep in Central America. It’s known for its rugged landscapes and is home to a colorful and active wildlife. Although you will be spending a lot of time working or studying in a teach abroad program, remember to take time to explore and enjoy Costa Rica. For instance, if you’ve never seen a volcano before be sure to check out at least one of the six active volcanoes throughout the country.[i]

Known as the “Switzerland of Central America”, Costa Rica has been a peaceful nation without a military since 1948. Because of this, they have invested the money in conserving the land, wildlife and its people. To teach abroad in Costa Rica would be a unique opportunity for someone interested in enriching the lives of the locals while working and studying in paradise!

Pick Your Students

TEFL programs in Costa Rica offer many options for students who wish to learn and grow as a teacher. Be on the lookout for programs that offer schooling to certain age groups, learning styles and level of English proficiency. That might ensure you are picking the correct program that will enhance your teaching skills for a potential career post-graduation.

A Unique Language Environment

The official language of Costa Rica is Spanish and has its own unique dialect. But you may hear languages of the indigenous people, antiquated English (courtesy of the Quaker community), and even creole.[ii] If you seek to learn Spanish but it’s not a part of your degree program, look into immersive language courses offered in Costa Rica. Some may allow you to learn Spanish alongside your regular course load, and for advanced Spanish speakers your classes might even be taught in Spanish.

Opening up Opportunities

Most quality schools in Costa Rica require you have a TEFL or TESOL certification when applying for teaching positions, along with applicable teaching experience. For those who are pursuing a degree in education be on the lookout for a TEFL/TESOL certificate program as a part of your study abroad experience.

Take the Next Step on Your Costa Rican Adventure

Your adventure awaits you, now all you have to do is look for the perfect program to embark on a teach abroad in Costa Rica experience! Choose from the drop down menus “Select a City”, “Select a Duration” and “Select an Audience” to find specialized programs that may fit your needs. The perfect teach abroad program in Costa Rica just may have been waiting for you here on StudyAbroad.com.

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