If you have a desire to bring education into the lives of children, teenagers and adults a Teach English Abroad in Colombia job placement might be the rewarding experience you are looking for. Helping to improve the quality of English that is taught in Colombian schools might assist your students in finding better jobs, and it also could speak well on your resume. If you have always wanted to travel to South America, why not find out about teaching abroad in Colombia?

Teach English Abroad in Colombia: Basics

Teach English Abroad in Colombia placements are available in some of the popular cities such as Bogota and Cartagena. You can select your home base city, select the amount of time you can dedicate and choose the type of audience you hope to teach in order to personalize your experience. Whether you are interested in volunteer teaching, taking TEFL certification, or getting paid to teach in Colombia, it helps to know that these different types of placements are available for consideration. You may live with a local family or have a stipend to find housing, but in any scenario, there is usually time for both work and exploration. In this way, teaching English in Colombia becomes a more budget-friendly way to travel, especially if you have a college degree, teaching experience and Spanish-language skills.

FUN FACT: The word “teacher” can be translated as either ‘profesor’ or ‘maestro’ in Spanish (web)[i]

Why Consider Teaching English Abroad in Colombia?

If thinking about Colombia draws pictures in your mind of human rights and conflict, the past few years have broad some progress in the country, more peaceable international relations, a rise in foreign tourist visits and the increase in new millionaires and entrepreneurs[ii].  As the third most populated country in Latin America, Columbia is now ranked third in the world in the Happy Planet Index[iii]. This transformation makes a Teach English Abroad in Columbia program a potentially unique experience, and one that could be personally and professionally rewarding.

Experience a Different Lifestyle

If you come from a large city with state-of-the-art educational technology, a Teach English Abroad in Colombia may place you in the walled city of Cartagena teaching underprivileged children at a child care center. In other words, you can set yourself up for a broader global perspective and to be of social service.

Unique Setting

Colombian culture is a diverse combination of Spanish, Native American, European, African, American, Caribbean, Middle Eastern and Latin American influences which show up in folklore, architectural styles and cuisine. In some areas, the colonial influences are strong and you could swear you were in Spain. At other times, listening to cumbia, you imagine yourself in the Caribbean. Apart from biodiversity, there are 6 main natural regions including the Andes mountains, the Amazon rainforest and the plains (Llanos). This might mean your experience is one where you teach English in a primitive fishing town, or in a larger urbanized city. 

Colombian Cuisine

Imagine waking up to the smell of freshly brewed Colombian coffee, picking up a copy of a local newspaper to glance at soccer scores, or real the latest headline, putting it down to have a bite of toast with fresh guava jelly before you head to work. Later you have a plate of patacones (fried green plantains) and a bowl of chicken soup with root vegetables and a piece of tres leches cake. Food is influenced by the tastes of many cultures.

Find a Teach Abroad Job Placement in Colombia

Opportunities to Teach English Abroad in Colombia exist for those with or without experience and finding the right fit is often a question of what your goals are: Are you just getting started and looking to take your TEFL, TOEFL or TESL prior to departure? Do you want to take these courses in Columbia, then be placed? Do you already have teaching credentials and want to put them to use overseas? Start to review some of the sponsored program vendors to see what is available. Make sure to request information. This is a great way to start comparing some of the unique features and nitty gritty details such as application deadlines, housing and travel information, support services, transportation, costs, stipends or other practical components. 

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