Teach English Abroad in Shanghai | Teach in Shanghai, China ProgramsIf you have ever wanted a low cost alternative to travel that offers practical skills and credentials, a teach English Abroad in Shanghai China may offer you this and more. Shanghai itself is quite unique in that it is a blend of ancient, art deco, neoclassical and ultra-modern, cyberpunk culture. Whether you are a recent college grad, an experienced teacher or someone looking for teaching English as a foreign language qualification, finding a program and job placement in Shanghai warrants review!

Why Teach English Abroad in Shanghai, China?

One of the primary reasons to teach English abroad in Shanghai is because you want to visit China. This may sound obvious, but teaching, whether as a volunteer, au pair, private or public school teacher is a work commitment, so choosing an exciting and vibrant city for your job placement should factor high on your list. Shanghai is the most populous city in China, and the most populous city proper in the world; over 24 million people in fact![i]. From skyscrapers and modern panoramic skylines of Pudong to the Bund and its neoclassical and art deco influences, Shanghai is known for innovation as well as some of the best collections or Chinese historical artifacts in the world[ii]. Why not see it from the perspective of living and working overseas, to benefit from its cultural diversity?

What Kinds of Teach Abroad Program in Shanghai are there?

There are different options depending on what type of teach abroad program you are looking for. Some of these alternatives are based on sponsored listings and might include:

  • Volunteering as a teacher in Shanghai in a teaching assistant role
  • Working in an au pair program where you help a family with their English
  • Paid teaching internship for recent college graduates
  • Paid teaching position in a language school or other Chinese school
  • Earn your degree alongside a salaried teaching position
  • Receive TEFL certification first, job placement after completion

Who Should Look into Teaching Abroad in Shanghai?

If you want to teach English Abroad in Shanghai, the minimum requirement is usually that you are expertly fluent in English. Some programs are open to undergraduates, so you might look for a teach abroad program during or after completion of your bachelor’s degree. You do not always have to have an education degree or be studying linguistics. However, the teaching jobs in private schools and universities may require you to already have a credential such as the Teach English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) certificate, or a Master’s in Teaching. Other programs may be suited to those who speak some Chinese. Some are set up so that you first go through the TEFL or similar courses which is followed by a guaranteed placement; no experience is needed in most cases for this scenario. There are many programs, so consider who you are (student, aspiring teacher, current Educator, student seeking TEFL and some paid travel).

DID YOU KNOW? “Because au pairs live with a host family and communicate mainly in the local language, this is among the best ways to become fluent in another language. Working as an au pair can also be a valuable experience for those who plan to have a career in childcare, teaching, counseling, or psychology”.[iii](BLS)

Work and Time Off

A teach English Abroad in Shanghai program may be full or part-time. Usually there is an orientation to help you assimilate your surroundings, your school, and even learn the basics of teaching. From that, you usually sign a contract, which could be for a full year. Essentially, you are there to work and live, and like many working folks, live for your time off! Here are a few possible ways to explore Shanghai[iv]:

  • See the view from atop the Shanghai World Finance Center
  • Admire the skyline from the Bund
  • Check out the shops on Nanjing road
  • Visit Longhua temple to see a seven story pagoda, Buddha statues and 14 pound Bell
  • Take a tour of the Shanghai Museum
  • Visit the water town of Zhujiajiao

Find a Teach Abroad Program in Shanghai

Teaching in Shanghai could be the rewarding personal and professional experience you are looking for. To find a teach English abroad in Shanghai job placement and program, you can refine your results by selecting both a duration and an audience (who do you want to teach?). Clicking through to learn more and request information from the providers is a good way to determine their unique features, keep a list of application deadlines and the pros and cons of each.

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