After you graduate from college, you might not know exactly what you want to do for your future career. You may wish to explore the world, learn a foreign language, and immerse yourself in another culture. One way to do this while also being able to earn an income is to teach English in Brazil abroad. There are many countries in which you can find jobs with a TEFL (Teach English as a Foreign Language) certification, and Brazil is one of them. You can enjoy the many beaches of Brazil, explore the Amazon, and party in Rio while paying for your adventures rather than potentially going into further debt.

Teach English in Brazil

Brazil is becoming a major player in the international business world, which means that many residents will wish to learn to speak English or enhance their existing language skills. This means there will most likely be several TEFL jobs in Brazil, unlike some countries that are highly competitive and very difficult to get. Additionally, you can often find a language school in which to enroll and learn Portuguese while you are there. Living in country enhances your ability to learn the language, since you are immersed in the culture and surrounded by the language. Learning to speak Portuguese could enhance your resume when you get home and help you to compete in a tough job market.

Teaching in Brazil

When you teach English in Brazil, you have many options from which to choose. It is possible to get certified in a TESOL certification program in country, helping you to find a job. Many of the TEFL Brazil jobs are for adult education, but it is possible to find jobs in local schools as well. If you plan to teach in the future, this program could provide you with experience for when you return home and are ready to work. It also demonstrates that you know how to work with students from a diverse background, which might be beneficial if you plan to work at schools in the inner cities.

If you are anxious about teaching a large class, it may be possible to find smaller tutoring jobs teaching in Brazil that will provide you with a job while also helping you to have relationships with locals. You can teach a family English, and they may return the favor by helping you with your Portuguese and teaching you about Brazilian culture. It is possible that local companies may hire a teacher to help their staff learn English, especially if they plan to expand globally in the near future.

TEFL Jobs in Brazil

Although it is possible to find jobs to teach English in Brazil on your own, there are many programs in place that do all the difficult work for you. Companies and schools in need of English instructors contact these programs, and they find a placement based on your strengths and preferences. Although there may be limited placements, it is possible that you can choose between several options. These programs also provide some support for you while you are in country, including helping you to find a place to live and enroll in a language course of your own. They cost money, but it is often worth it since they do much of the legwork of finding a job for you.

If living in Brazil is on your bucket list, then teaching English in Brazil may be the best way to check it off your list. There are many considerations, including how long the program and when to go. Many students choose to take time between college and starting their career to explore the world and find themselves. TEFL Brazil provides a way to do this while earning some money to help fund your travels.