Teach English Abroad in Argentina job placements give aspiring and current educators the opportunity to prepare themselves with TEFL Certificate Courses and accumulate practice teaching experience in a unique setting. Argentina is a multicultural country, rich in European, Italian and Spanish influences. Home of the tango, Argentine wine and a rich literary history, Argentina is a highly urbanized and one of the top destinations in South America.[i] With such a fascinating setting, teaching abroad programs in Argentina warrant consideration.

Teach English Abroad in Argentina: Basics

Whether you are a current teacher, interested in TEFL certification or volunteering in a unique cultural environment, there are a variety of Teach English Abroad in Argentina job placements to consider. Essentially, it all starts with your goals. Do you want to volunteer at a community center and work with homeless or underprivileged children? Are you interested in entry-level TEFL courses so that you can learn how to manage a classroom and teach English in a relatable way to students whose primary language is Spanish? Are you a recent university graduate interested in a paid teaching position to advance your resume credentials?

FUN FACT: To say “business English” in Spanish, you would say ‘ingles de negocios’ (web)[ii]

Volunteer Teaching

If you want to volunteer teach abroad, traveling to Argentina could give you the meaningful work experience you are seeking, while at the same time helping to bring the English language into some of the local school systems. You could be someone who is an encouraging presence, or help to improve your students conversational English (or another language or topic).

TEFL Courses

If you desire to learn how to teach English as a foreign language, there are a variety of programs offered in Argentina. Once completed, this TEFL/TESOL certification allows you to teach at language institutes, and in the school systems. As an internationally recognized credential, this not only boosts your qualifications as a teacher but also gives you the opportunity to earn a living. Combined with exploration, this could be an opportunity of a lifetime. Many of the TEFL certification programs guarantee job placement. Good to know.

Why Consider Teaching Abroad in Argentina?

One of the reasons people consider teaching abroad is to have a less expensive way to see and experience the world. A Teach English Abroad in Argentina places you in a majestic country. Home of the Iguazu Falls the largest waterfalls in the world[iii], the capital of Argentina, Buenos Aires is the most visited city in South America[iv].

Theatre, Literature and Cinema

Does the idea of meeting new people and broadening your social and cultural horizons interest you? If so, Argentina is a great option. As one of the leading theatre capitals of the world, visit the ‘Broadway’ of Buenos Aires, Avenida Corrientes[v] or take in a film. When it comes to cinema, Argentina is no slouch. The world’s first animated feature films were made and released in Argentina, and the country has a won a few Best Foreign Language Films.[vi]

Eat and Drink

Mix teaching time with relaxing time. Argentina is known for desserts made with dulce de leche, Malbec, Syrah and Chardonnay not to mention asado, Argentine barbeque. Learn local customs, find neighborhood eateries, and meet new people. Personalize your teach abroad experience to reflect your outside interests.  

Find a Teach Abroad in Argentina Job Placement

You may want to Teach English Abroad in Argentina, or be able to teach another subject, but the important thing is matching the placement with the person. Customize your search by selecting a city such as Buenos Aires or Cordoba, choosing the duration (full year, a few weeks, months) and finally, your audience. You may be more interested in teaching business English than teaching to elementary school children. Each search you conduct will yield a list of sponsored program providers. Request more information from them to be able to stay on top of application deadlines, and also to compare some of the unique features or practical details that will help you make your choice.

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