Determine if a study in Australia program is right for you

By Annie Rose Stathes, edited by Valeri Boyle
Published April 25, 2014

Australia is fast becoming a choice destination for students throughout the world. The country offers high-quality education; a friendly populace; and interesting cities, oceans, and landscapes for living, studying, and exploring. Australia is a safe and vibrant country with a government, educational system, and citizenry willingly opening its arms to international students from countries throughout the world.

Studying in Australia has become an increasingly popular option for students, especially for those from China, India, and Malaysia, who may want to study in the English-speaking world without having to move to the U.S. or live in the UK. Universities in Australia may prepare international students for careers in industries dependent upon employees who can successfully communicate with people and businesses in the English-speaking and western world. Australia is a great place to study for international students who want to become adept at researching, speaking, and thinking using specialized English-language terminology.

Why Study in Australia?

As mentioned above, there are many wonderful reasons to study in Australia! Chief among them are the country’s high-ranking schools; interesting opportunities; and diversity of people, places, and environments.

Australia is well-known for its high quality educational system.

In fact, many universities in Australia, much like universities in the U.S. and UK, are amongst the highest-rated schools in the world and prepare students for great careers in numerous fields. According to the QS World University Rankings, 7 universities in Australia are ranked among the top 100 universities in the world. This makes Australia a great place to earn a high-quality and well-respected education. Seven of Australia’s top-ranked schools include:

  • The Australian National University (ranked 27th in the world)
  • The University of Melbourne (ranked 31st in the world)
  • The University of Sydney (ranked 38th in the world)
  • The University of Queensland (ranked 43rd in the world)
  • The University of New South Wales (ranked 52nd in the world)
  • Monash University (ranked 69th in the world)
  • The University of Western Australia (ranked 84th in the world)

These schools and others allow students to earn a topnotch and well-respected education while studying in Australia.

Australia offers students a plethora of interesting opportunities.

Universities in Australia offer programs in many of the typical subjects one would expect to find in universities throughout the world; however, they also offers opportunities to study less common subjects such as marine biology (enabling students to study some of the world’s most amazing reefs); indigenous studies (with an emphasis on Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander people); and environmentalism (with an eye towards protecting the Outback and some of Australia’s coolest animals—kangaroos, koalas, and wallabies, for example).

Additionally, because Australian universities are relatively new to appealing to international students, many of them offer numerous opportunities to international students by way of work, internships, research opportunities, and financial aid for qualifying students. And, because the Australian government is interested in supporting universities in attracting international students, it often times makes it easier for international students to secure visas and working permits to live, study, and work in Australia.

Australia has a diversity of people, places, and environments for students to enjoy.

Australia is a multicultural country that also offers a diverse range of climates, landscapes, and urban areas. It is brimming with social, cultural, and extracurricular opportunities, all of which gives students wonderful options for fun, adventure, and exploration. Best of all, it’s a safe country that allows students to securely engage in those activities and experiences.

Is Studying in Australia Right for Me?

This of course depends upon your preferences! However, Australia offers some benefits practically all students can enjoy:

  • Its cost of living is relatively low compared to that of the UK and some parts of the U.S.
  • Its educational system offers quality traditional, vocational, and technical education options, making it an appealing choice for students interested in more than a traditional education.
  • It is closer to countries such as China, India, and Malaysia (from which Australia embraces many students) than is the U.S., making it an appealing option for students who don’t want to live to far away from home.


Annie Rose Stathes is a Colorado-based writer, teacher and political scientist. Her background is in international affairs and she holds a Master of Arts degree in Political Science.