Counting down our top four intern abroad locations

Published November 5, 2013

Experience for a future career, in a new location… Where do you sign up?! If you’ve decided to intern abroad, congratulations! Now comes the fun part of trying to decide where to intern, with commitment possibilities ranging from a month to a year. Too many choices? That’s where we can help: we’ve compiled some of our favorite destinations recommended for internships abroad.

Intern Abroad in Australia

G’day, mate! Journey halfway across the globe and say hello to kangaroos and wallabies during your tenure in fascinating cities like Melbourne and Sydney. Surf Bondi Beach, trek through Kakadu National Park, or shop the Queen Victoria Market: you may find there are more options to explore than time permits! Your internship could be in the field of architecture, engineering, psychology, or theater - whatever your interest, Australia has plenty of credit hour or paid internships abroad to give you pause while deciding.

Intern Abroad in England

Choose from opportunities in cities such as London, Oxford, and Stratford-upon-Avon, and you’ll be exposed to the nuances of Brit Lit first-hand, along with some pretty amazing landmarks: Big Ben, the Globe Theatre, London Tower Bridge, National Gallery, and Stonehenge, just to name a few. Your internship abroad could include an experience in an auction house, gallery, or even the British Parliament.

Intern Abroad in Iceland

As most residents speak both English and Icelandic, you won’t necessarily need to learn a second language to intern abroad in the northern Atlantic country of Iceland. But what this country will have you learn is of its great beauty: glimpse the Aurora Borealis, or Northern Lights, during the winter months; traipse around colorful Reykjavik and the nearby Blue Lagoon; or venture during your time there to one of the many breathtaking waterfalls around the country. On-the-job training could well include ecological, biological, or forestry pursuits, as Iceland is known for its previously listed great outdoor draws as well as indigenous plants and animals.

Intern Abroad in Kenya

The plains of Africa await in the enthralling country of Kenya. Seek out the “Big Five:” buffalo, elephant, leopard, lion, and rhinoceros, found in the wilds of the savannah, or visit the Maasai Mara during the wildebeest migration. Visit Nairobi or Kilifi for a peek into contrasting worldviews, or tour Diani Beach to see some of Kenya’s gorgeous white sand and beautiful blue waters. You’ll find selections for water management, nursing, finance, or early childhood development, each with the opportunity to find out more about this country’s diverse and plentiful cultural offerings.

Bonnie Bottner has a B.A. in English with a concentration in Communications from the University of Tampa. She has worked in marketing and communications for over ten years, and has taken continuing education courses at Georgetown University and College of Notre Dame of Maryland.