England: It's more than scones, tea and royalty

By Fahima Haque  
Published October 26, 2010

Scones. Tea. Royalty. Sure, those are the typical images that are brought to mind when someone thinks about England. But what about the rich history, unique pub culture and beautiful countryside that England offers? For the skeptics that say studying abroad in England is not nearly as interesting or exciting as other destinations because it’s an English speaking country, I can say first-hand from my semester in England, it’s just as exciting as any other foreign destination  

This European megacity offers endless opportunities to explore. Check out the beautiful architecture of historic sites like St. Paul’s Cathedral. Next, pop on over to the Victoria and Albert museum and witness the magnificent exhibits of iconic fashion and jewelry.  
Students studying abroad will have the opportunity to engage in a vibrant student culture with world-renowned universities like Imperial College, the London School of Economics, Oxford University and Cambridge University.  For those interested in England other than just a stellar academic experience, England’s proximity to France via the Eurostar and short flights to Ireland and Scotland makes the country a centrally located destination for those with the desire to travel extensively during their time abroad.
In-between classes and sightseeing, I recommend pursuing an internship in England. I chose a position at a culture and politics magazine. This gave me the opportunity to learn about work culture in England, become friends with locals and pad my resume with international business skills.
My word to the wary foodies: Don’t worry, the food tastes good! England’s gone through a gustatory revolution making the days of sub-par “bangers and mash” only a distant memory (or nightmare, depending on who you ask). Various cities in England now incorporate cultural foods into many fusion dishes.
England is a dynamic country with much to offer students. If you want a rich academic setting with the opportunity to excel at an internship without the hurdle of learning a foreign language while being a stone’s throw away from places like France and Ireland for weekend getaways, then England could be the study abroad destination you’ve been looking for! 


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Fahima is a copy aide for the Washington Post and has a BA in journalism from American University. She studied abroad in London, England during the Spring of 2009.