Get Passionate About Latin America

By The Team
Published June 3, 2010

Looking for a chance to spice up your learning experience? The countries of South America offer a dynamic culture rich with distinct architecture, cuisine, pottery, and dance. With a history steeped in tradition, studying abroad in South America will allow you to revel in customs that have prevailed for centuries.

Whether sampling the mate, an herbal tea, in Uraguay, or cachaça, a spirit distilled from sugarcane, in Brazil, seeing the llamas of famous Machu Picchu in Peru, or studying the tango first-hand in Argentina, you’ll be sure to learn more than from just your textbook.

A Polarizing Landscape for Your Studies

Home to the Amazon River, the Andes Mountains, and a host of other natural wonders, the countries of South America offer a backdrop of beauty not found anywhere else.

Study abroad destinations in South America include:

New Experiences Abound

When studying abroad in South America, you’re sure to make new friends and have new experiences. South Americans are known for their warm nature and inviting culture. If you are unsure of traveling in a new area, a few rules of thumb to consider:

  • Connect with other students when exploring the local community. Invite yourself along to the popular hotspots and inquire if there is a larger group going when attending events (soccer is huge there!).
  • It always pays to be prepared and some cities require little more than just a good pair of shoes—for walking or dancing. If visiting walkable communities like Cartagena, Colombia, with the San Felipe de Barajas Castle or its beautiful walled city, or metropolitan gems like Santiago, Chile, and its Casablanca Valley wine tours or Bellavista dance clubs, either way, your feet will thank you.
  • Whereas South America has gained notoriety for excessive protests and drug trafficking, it is becoming increasingly safer for travel to these beautiful and exotic countries. Just remember: It’s best to take precautions set forth by the U.S. State Department and use your best judgment when visiting a new area or trying a new activity.
  • Act like a local and immerse yourself in native customs. It can be daunting to live somewhere where you don’t speak the dialect but the quickest way to hone your linguistic skills is to jump right in and start practicing your new language… Spanish, Portuguese or otherwise!

With locations offering anything from ancient ruins to contemporary nightlife, adventurous hikes in the Amazon to languorous strolls on beautiful beaches, you are sure to find an area suited to your needs. And whether interested in wildlife conservation, heath care, business, or another specialty, you’re sure to find an excellent program for your studies. Let us help you find the right fit for your study abroad experience.