Study Abroad in Thailand

Just southeast of Burma, southwest of Laos, and east of Vietnam sits Thailand. A popular tourist destination due to its magnificent beaches and sanuk lifestyle, Thailand is a magical country with great food, great weather, and great people.

Thailand is broken down into five cultural and geographical regions: Northern Thailand, Isaan, Central Thailand, Eastern Thailand, and Southern Thailand. Many students choose to study abroad in Thailand’s capital, Bangkok, but there are various other cities that would make a great destination for studying abroad. Ayutthaya is an UNESCO World Heritage Site, Pattaya has a great social scene, and Sukhothai has magnificent history and fascinating ruins.

The official language of Thailand is Thai, a tonal language somewhat similar to Mandarin and Vietnamese, but most public signage is written in both Thai and English. The currency in Thailand is the baht; as of March 2014, 1USD is equivalent to 32.53 Thai baht.

Thailand is a tropical country, so leave your wool jacket at home! While temperatures are usually between 82-95°F, Thailand does experience three seasons. From November to the end of February temperatures tend to be a bit cooler and dry. This is the most popular time to travel to Thailand, so traveling during this time may be more expensive. The hottest months are from March to June when Thailand can see temperatures upwards of 104°F, and the rainy months are from July to October. During this time expect to be wet! Tropical monsoons will cover most of the country and floods are common.

Theravada Buddhism highly influences the Thai culture. You are sure to notice many Thai temples, called wats, dotting the country. As common rite of passage for young boys in Thai culture is becoming a monk for a short period of time, so expect to see droves of young boys wearing orange robes around these temples.

Whatever you’re looking for in a study abroad destination, chances are Thailand has it: breathtaking beaches, thick jungles, amazing food, vast history, and modern amenities!