Learn what life would be like while studying in Dublin

By Annie Rose Stathes, edited by Valeri Boyle
Published June 3, 2014

Dublin, the capital city of Ireland, or the “Emerald Isle”, invites students to study in a beautiful, lively, and dynamic physical, social, and cultural location. The city is well-known for its lively and exciting social scene and, along with its in-city and proximate landmarks, has long provided a home and inspiration to literary, performing, and visual artists. Dublin is also teeming with scientists, technologists, and other brilliant types of people. Dublin study abroad programs enable you to partake in Dublin’s glory and to join the ranks of the many movers and shakers contributing to academia and the arts in the city. Why not study abroad in Dublin?

Life in Dublin

When in Dublin do as the Dubliners do and design your days around living the good life. For many Dubliners, living the good life means working hard but building one’s day around communing with friends, the community, and the city itself. Much of Dublin culture is based on interacting and enjoying the gifts of people and the city.

Dublin’s culture gains and maintains momentum and life through socializing. Pubs, nightclubs, and a particularly vibrant music scene all contribute to the city’s spirited feeling. Other opportunities for socializing, such as pub crawls, tours (by foot, bike, or vehicle), and clubs (think literary, scholastic, and social clubs) engage people in an intimate relationship with the city and each other. In Dublin, life is friendly, sociable, and lively.

Dublin Study Abroad Programs

Dublin study abroad programs cover an array of subjects and topics, many of which allow students to connect to the city’s thriving literary, arts, and intellectual scene. For many students, studying in the old stomping grounds of famous literary, intellectual, and visual artists such as Oscar Wilde, George Bernard Shaw, and Jonathan Swift allows for a magical and inspiring experience. For others, simply being in a beautiful place and connecting with others makes for the perfect study abroad experience. No matter your academic intentions in Dublin, the city will enhance and enliven your studies.

Dublin study abroad programs are commonly delivered in multi-week, multi-month, or semester to multi-semester increments. Some longer-term opportunities are also available. No matter their length, most Dublin study abroad programs fit neatly within students’ planned curriculum, and many include relevant excursions to some of Dublin’s most beautiful and beloved sites. By studying abroad in Dublin, students could earn credit while enjoying a fantastic affair with the city and its surrounding areas.

Five Awesome Ways to Enjoy Life While Living and Studying in Dublin

  1. Hit the streets and get to know the character of the city. Many artists throughout time have found in Dublin a great muse. There is a reason for that! Discover that reason by embarking on one of Dublin’s many walking, biking, or riding tours or joining a pub crawl. Once you get to know Dublin, it will certainly become one of your best friends.
  2. Take day-long excursions to visit some of Ireland’s most beautiful sites. Dublin serves as a hub to many of Ireland’s most treasured places. Visit castles, monuments, and outdoor wonders on your own or as a part of an organized excursion.
  3. Discover and engage your most friendly and outgoing self. Let yourself get to know the locals by visiting pubs, enjoying literary clubs and events, and otherwise engaging in the amazing social culture so rich in Dublin. No matter your social “scene”, you are sure to find tons of opportunities for friendly and enriching socializing in Dublin.
  4. Open your eyes and take in Dublin and its surrounding areas’ beautiful scenery. Ireland is known as the Emerald Isle because of its dense and rich greenery. The country has incredible natural beauty. Add to its natural beauty a stunningly designed and built city and you’ve got Dublin. Take in the city’s beauty and wonder and commit it to your best of memories.
  5. Enjoy Dublin’s peace and magic. Despite its lively social scenes, Dublin is also a peaceful city. Stillness awaits in many corners of the city, and it is worth the time and exploration to discover some of the city’s more peaceful spots. Enjoy Dublin in both its lively spunk and blissfully peaceful glory. 

Annie Rose Stathes is a Colorado-based writer, teacher and political scientist. Her background is in international affairs and she holds a Master of Arts degree in Political Science.