Study Abroad in the Czech Republic

Czech out the Heart of Europe

The pun in that headline might be clichéd, but the Czech Republic is about as far from the typical as you can get. Its unique charm and character entice thousands of students to flock to study abroad there every year.

And with its historical past paving the way for an exciting future, you should consider joining all of them. That is, unless you don't like medieval architecture, interesting culture and top-notch education. Or, to put it a more clichéd way: if you don't like to have your cake and eat it too.

Get with the Program

The Czech Republic is one popular study abroad destination these days-particularly when it comes to its famous capital city of Prague. But students have chosen to study abroad in the Czech Republic for hundreds of years, as the Central European country has long been known for its academic reputation, rich culture and sophisticated population. In fact, one could say (and I'm about to) that the Czech Republic has always been where it's at.

Aside from getting a great educational experience (which will make Mom happy), a study abroad program in the Czech Republic will immerse you in a culture that, despite its region's land disputes, proves that the Czechs don't have any identity issues. They are friendly, well-educated, fun-loving people who will make sure you enjoy your study abroad experience and become more international in the process. You'll get the perfect blend of academic and entertainment opportunities.

Study What You Want-Really!

Much of the draw of the Czech Republic is the amount of choice given to international students when it comes to what they can study. Say your thing is history. Well, there aren't too many countries with a history as interesting as the Czech Republic-take Prague's old Jewish Quarter, for example. Into literature? Study abroad in the Czech Republic and discover such literary greats as Franz Kafka, Milan Kundera and Václav Havel.

Of course, every country has its specialties, and the Czech Republic is no exception. Students interested in architecture and design will find no study abroad program more fascinating than one in the Czech Republic. The country is known the world-over for its gifts in the fields of architecture and design, and students whose passion lies in these areas may already know this based on the famous Prague modern design event known as Designblok.

Architecture and design students who choose a study abroad program in the Czech Republic will discover:

  • The cubist architecture of Prague's House of the Black Madonna, built by Josef Gocár, as well as Emil Králícek's impressive Diamant House;
  • The art nouveau-styled Prague Municipal House and Prostejov Theatre, as well as Emil Prikryl's Benedikt Rejt Gallery in Louny;
  • The work of contemporary designers such as Jirí Pelcl, Michal Fronek and Borek Šípek, and the interior design expertise of Barbora Škorpilová.

Design and engineering students who enroll in Czech Republic study abroad programs can also learn about the famous designer Otakar Diblík's transportation revolution, the construction of the famous Charles Bridge and the graphic design leadership of Aleš Najbrt. Or, if you're more interested in saving the earth than building on it, a study abroad program in the Czech Republic will work perfectly. Students of environmental studies and zoology can, among other things:

  • Explore the many zoological gardens and spot wildlife including wild boar, lynx, wolves, grouse and mink, to name a few;
  • Visit one of the Czech Republic's abundant protected areas, such as the Slavkov Forest, Bohemian Forest, Broumov Highlands and the Poodrí ecosystems;
  • Study the incredible UNESCO biosphere reservations that are changing the face of environmental science as you read this.

Students can also visit one of several well-known national parks, such as the Bohemian Switzerland National Park. And whether you choose to learn the interesting Czech language while studying abroad in the Czech Republic or another study field, you will surely want to visit such great museums as the National Gallery, the National Museum and the Municipal Gallery, all located in Prague.

Clearly, a study abroad program in the Czech Republic has a great deal to offer just about any type of student. As the economy continues to go global and the world moves ever closer together, students will want to have as many experiences abroad as they can get. And where better to begin than the Czech Republic, where you're in the middle of it all? Mmm, cake never tasted so good.