Real world industry experience may be increasingly important to building your resume and enhancing your career. Through internships, you might earn some of that experience. And with one of the world's leading economies, the United States might just be the place to do it. International internships in the United States may not only help you get started in your field, but also gain the international travel experience you’ve been longing for. You could explore a new locale, immerse yourself in a new culture, and gain experience in the workplace. Sound like something you’d be interested in? Keep reading to learn more about internships in America.

Why Pursue Internships in the United States?

If you’re looking for an international internship that really stands out, completing your internship in the United States may be the answer. The US is known for its innovation. This may be evident in the scope and quality of opportunity you might find here. With influential multi-national corporations, to innovative startups, to non-profit organizations, an internship in the United States could help you get the kind of experience you’ve been dreaming of.

Internships in the United States may be found in a wide variety of industries, from healthcare to finance to the arts to science and engineering. Here are just a few examples of some great industries you might be able to experience through USA internships.

Technology Internships in the United States

Creativity, the sciences, and a new frontier of innovation—if all of this sounds exciting to you, you might be interested in a career in technology. USA internships in technology could be your first step, not only toward pursuing a great career, but also helping to improve the way people live. Silicon Valley is home not only to large technology corporations, but also a number of ambitious startups. But California isn’t the only place in the United States with technological innovation; tech industry internship opportunities may be available across the United States. Engineering may intersect with other fields, increasing the variety of potential technology internships in America. Read up on program listings to find one that might be perfect for you.

Finance, Accounting & Banking Internships in USA

If you study finance, accounting, or business, an internship in the United States might be invaluable. New York alone boasts the New York Stock Exchange, Dow Jones, and NASDA, as well as a variety of finance-related corporations. But New York isn’t the sole location for financial internships; American corporations across the country, in a variety of exciting fields, may have internship opportunities for you. As a result, no matter what aspect of business you’re interested in, internships in the United States may be a great choice.

Healthcare & Human Services Internships in the United States

Interested in a career in healthcare? Consider a medical internship in the United States. Whether you’re interested in research, healthcare-related engineering, or caregiving, American internships might be the experience you’re looking for. American healthcare internships may not only offer hands-on experience in your field, but also help you understand the needs and unique qualities of the healthcare landscape in a different culture. Related internship opportunities may also be available, in field like psychology, social work, human services, and other areas.

Politics & Law Internships in the United States

If you’re fascinated by international politics and law, the United States—especially Washington DC—may be a fascinating place to explore that passion. Legal internships in the United States may help you develop a unique understanding of American law and culture. Whether you want to work in an American law firm, government, or even in media writing about politics, you might find just the internship you’re looking for.

Living & Working in the United States

Work isn’t the only reason to intern in the United States. Even outside the workplace, the United States is full of exciting opportunities to learn something new. Your specific experience living and working in the USA may vary, depending where you choose to stay. That’s because the United States boasts a diversity of people and regional cultures. No matter what community you choose, your experience living and working in the USA is likely to be a unique one.

Interested in the faster pace, not to mention the historical and cultural opportunities of the Northeast? With historic sites, world class art museums, Broadway and the nation’s capital, you might learn a lot living here. But maybe you prefer the more laid-back, creative atmosphere of the West Coast, or the welcoming culture and a warmer climate you might find in the South? Whether you choose your destination based on the industry you want to work in, or the area you'd most like to explore, living in and exploring the United States may be an exciting experience.

What about language? If you come from an English-speaking country, one attractive quality of the United States may be the lack of language barrier. However, if your preferred language is something other than English, living in the United States may provide you with valuable practice to increase your fluency. Depending what language you do speak, you might still find opportunities to use your first language at work or outside of it. The United States is often referred to as a melting pot. People from all around the world and many different cultures might live and work in your new community. Spanish is especially popular in many parts of the United States. Why not give it a try?

Whatever experience you’re looking for, with the right preparation, you could find it as an intern in the United States. Just remember to follow up with your chosen internship program for more information on what you might need to do to prepare, whether that has to do with your visa paperwork, living arrangements, or even other things you might need to know about living in your new American community!

Start Searching for Internships in the United States

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