Located in the heart of the Middle East, United Arab Emirates shares its borders with Saudi Arabia and Oman. It abuts the Persian Gulf and is proximate to Qatar, Kuwait, Iraq, and Iran. Its desert climate, sand dunes, and mountains blend with modern and vibrant cities to provide a unique backdrop to intern in United Arab Emirates.

Why Intern in United Arab Emirates?

The government of United Arab Emirates focuses much of its attention on creating jobs and expanding infrastructure, especially to stimulate growth in the private sector.[i]Its primary industries include petroleum, commercial fishing and ship repair, building materials and construction, and handicrafts and textiles. It also has a large agricultural sector and services industry.[ii]Its economic profile makes it a great place to study and gain experience in business, international business, tourism, architecture, construction, and many other areas.

What’s Wonderful about United Arab Emirates?

There are many things, of course, but here are a few great things about United Arab Emirates:

  1. Its capital city, Abu Dhabi, boasts a beautiful blend of traditional and ultra-modern culture.
  2. As of today (2016), shopping is tax-free! Need we say more?
  3. United Arab Emirates offers natural fun (snorkeling, kayaking, and hiking through forests, for example), and human-made entertainment (grand mosques, the world’s fastest rollercoaster, and bussing plazas, for example).

What is the Benefit of an Intern Abroad Program?

Intern abroad programs offer a host of benefits! Here are three:

  1. Interning abroad may help you develop your international communication skills. In today’s global economy and diverse workplace, knowing how to communicate with people of various social, cultural, and economic backgrounds may prove imperative.
  2. Interning abroad may help you develop a global perspective. Most fields interact with people, businesses, or organizations from other countries at some point in their process. Knowing and understanding how international relationships work—or even knowing that international relationships take place—demonstrates a unique awareness of the expansiveness of fields and influences of global players.
  3. Intern in United Arab Emirates and it may help you develop vital skills that could enhance your resume and interviewing acumen. Many students emerge from intern-abroad experiences prepared to manage challenges and face adversity in the workplace with presence, patience, creativity, and perseverance.

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