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If you’re looking for a wonderful, modern, beachside community where you can build your professional acumen and experience, take a gander at internships in Valencia, Spain. Valencia’s particularly modern structures and influences pop out against its more subtle Roman, Latin, and Muslim ones. However, students who love modernity and the beach but also want to experience Spain’s age-old wonder (by way of castles, forts, and cathedrals, for example), may treasure Valencia; intertwined with its bold and updated architecture are well-aged historic beauties that make the city a dynamic and beautiful place to intern. Why not find one of your preferred internships in Valencia and explore this great city?   

What Are the Benefits of Internships in Valencia, Spain?

Aside from the joy and gift of spending time in another country, there are many benefits of choosing one of the internships in Valencia. Here are a few that you can use to entice yourself and whoever needs convincing (parents? Bosses? Teachers?):

First, interning in Valencia may be a wonderful way to foster and strengthen your knowledge and skillset in your field or discipline. The structured and often supervised style of an internship could help you identify the techniques you may need to work efficiently and effectively in your field and develop your abilities to apply them on the job.

Second, interning in Valencia may give you a unique chance to develop relationships with locals and others. As you intern, you might establish social, academic, and professional connections with people who might enhance your time abroad or contribute to your career and life in the future. As you meet and engage with people through your work, you might also gain a more intimate look into culture and lifestyles in Valencia.

Third, interning in Valencia could help enhance what you learn in the classroom. If your internship includes an academic portion, you might apply what you learn at school on the job. Conversely, you might use what you learn on the job to better grasp theories and concepts you learn in the classroom. You might also apply what you learn in your internship to your studies when you return home. Interning in Valencia could make learning more impactful and fun.

Fourth, interning in Valencia could be a lovely way to see the city as a local might. As you commute to and from work every day, you might get a sense of what it’s like to have a regular schedule and route. You might establish favorite patterns, find beloved cafes, or say hello to the same strangers on a day-to-day basis. All of this may help you become familiar with the city, Valencia’s culture, and Valencian lifestyles.

Finally, interning in Valencia may give you access to a beautiful city often reserved for the likes of vacations and special occasions. Depending on the length of your program, you might enjoy taking an extended amount of time to explore and discover Valencia’s many gorgeous sights. To learn more about what you might see and do in Valencia, read on.

What Can I Do and See in Valencia, Spain?

You’re experience in Valencia ultimately depends on your internship program, your preferences, and your personality. Therefore, what you choose to see and do will be up to you and your program. However, we can recommend some things.

Before we do, however, let us tell you where you’ll be. Valencia is located along the central coast in the east of Spain. It borders the Mediterranean Sea and is about equidistance from Madrid, Barcelona, and Granada (three places you might want to visit!). Valencia is the third largest city in Spain after Madrid and Barcelona, making it a larger, metropolitan city. For students pursuing an internship, this could result in a wider variety of options for work and for play.

Now let us recommend some great things to see and do! Here are a few:  

  • Go to the beach! This is practically a must in Valencia. Picture light brown-sand beaches running along the gorgeous blue waters of the Mediterranean. Then picture playing sports on the beach or in the sea, heading street-side for a refreshing drink, and engaging in a social seaside scene. Two popular beaches close to the city center are Arenas and Malvarrosa. Consider walking, biking, or jogging along the sidewalks that line them. Enjoying the beach is a favorite pastime for many people in Valencia. Maybe you’ll join them?
  • Go to el Mercado Central. A locals’ food-shopping hotspot, the central market in Valencia is amongst Europe’s oldest. Its beautiful architecture and colorful mosaics provide a space for vendors to sell, and buyers to buy. It may be a great place to buy food, say hello to local friends, and taste Valencian culture.
  • Use the Plaza Ayuntamiento as a meeting spot, launching point for city adventures, and destination for sight-seeing. This public square hosts the city’s Town Hall and boasts some of Valencia’s more decadent architecture from the golden age. Oriented around a fountain and often decorated with flowers, you may find the square quite beautiful and scenic.  
  • Explore the City of the Arts and Sciences. This complex’s contemporary architecture is fascinating enough, but the inside may invoke even more intrigue. It’s home to the Science Museum, a planetarium, an IMAX theater, the Oceanográfico aquarium, the Queen Sofia Palace of the Arts, and more. In short, it’s a spectacularly designed complex that may supply hours and hours of entertainment.
  • Journey through Albufera Nature Park. This lovely park boasts hundreds of bird species and miles of walking and biking trails. When you need to escape the city to partake in nature, head here.

These sights mark just the beginning of the many sights you might see. As you settle into your internship, become familiar with your neighborhood, and get to know Valencia, you’ll likely discover more and more wonderful things to see, do, and enjoy. Given the breadth of the city, your Valencia study abroad and internship program could incite a vibrant adventure!

How Can I Find Internships in Valencia, Spain?

To find fabulous internships in Valencia, you can browse your many options here or use our search tool to refine your search. You can search for programs by term (summer, semester, or year, for example) and work type (architecture, business, computer science, journalism, hospitality, and the social sciences, for example). As you find programs you like, click on their links to get more information and to register. Why not begin now? Valencia awaits! Good luck!