Intern Abroad in Poland | Internships in PolandIf you are seeking an international internship, an Intern Abroad in Poland program warrants consideration. Located in Eastern Europe, Poland has seen marked improvements in human rights –civil and political, boasts a high quality of life, and is one of the safest countries in the world to live in.[i] Whether you have a specific type of internship program in mind, why not combine work and academics as an Intern in Poland!

Why Consider an Intern Abroad in Poland Program?

Selecting an Intern Abroad in Poland Program brings you to a country that has historically seen its share of war and strife. However, contemporary Poland ranks in the top 20% of the most peaceful countries in the world, has a high income economy and is the 4th most forested country in Europe.[ii] Fast becoming the biggest research and development hub in Central and Western Europe, Poland is also the birthplace of Chopin and has a culturally eclectic cuisine[iii]. Choose from a variety of Internship programs depending on duration of stay and type of work.

FUN FACT: To say “hello” informally in Polish say “cheh-sh-ch”.[iv]

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