Looking for a once in a lifetime internship abroad opportunity? Consider internships in Nepal! Nepal is a beautiful Asian country with a rich cultural heritage, nestled in the Himalayas. As an intern in Nepal, you might find unique opportunities to gain hands-on experience. Whether you are interested in humanitarian work, education, economic and community development, or another field, an internship in Nepal might be a truly enlightening experience.

Opportunities for Internships in Nepal

It’s one thing to travel to a country, and another experience entirely to live and work there. As an intern in Nepal, you’ll gain experience that goes beyond the classroom and workplace. You might learn a new language, develop empathy for diverse backgrounds, and experience Nepal’s fascinating history and culture up close.

Basic Information about Nepal

Famous for being the birth country of Siddhartha Gautama, the founder of Buddhism, today, Nepal is a multi-ethnic country with a variety of religious and cultural traditions. The majority of Nepalese, however, follow Hinduism, or a blend of Hindu and Tibetan Buddhism. Minority religions practiced throughout Nepal include Christianity, Islam, and also some indigenous folk religions.

Religion isn’t the only example of Nepal’s diversity. As of 2011, Nepal was home to 123 languages, spoken by a variety of indigenous and cultural groups. However, of these, Nepali is considered the lingua franca, used in most business and government work. And then there’s the landscape, which ranges from the snowy peaks and deep valleys of the Himalayas (Mount Everest in particular), to lower-altitude subtropical regions—each of which colors the local culture in that area.

Between the unique cultural identity, informed by diverse religious, ethnic, and cultural practices, the long history, beautiful geography, living and working in Nepal for your international internship may be a truly enriching experience. A variety of types of internships in Nepal may be open to you if you apply. Here are some examples of work you might be able to do.

Education Internships in Nepal

Education internships in Nepal may allow you to practice your teaching skills while helping your local community. You might teach English in a TESOL or TEFL program, help young children develop emotional, social, and motor skills, or assist in another type of classroom. Whatever the setting, teaching in Nepal might be your chance to make the world a better place. You may not only practice your teaching skills, but develop your communication, creative thinking, problem solving. Best of all, you’ll even learn more about what it’s like for your students to grow up in Nepal.

Community Development Internships in Nepal

In community development internships in Nepal, you may occupy a variety of roles aimed toward helping your community succeed. This may include helping to develop education services, human services, or local infrastructure, to name a few. Humanitarian and social work opportunities might focus on helping individuals and groups of people, educating the community, and making sure people’s essential needs are able to be met. Whatever your area of expertise, if you want to make a difference, a humanitarian or community development internship in Nepal may be your opportunity to do so.

Medical Internships in Nepal

If you’re interested in a career in healthcare, medical internships in Nepal may be a unique opportunity to put your education into practice. You might provide dental care, or offer basic medical care to communities lacking those services. You could work under the guidance of experienced professionals, or even provide important healthcare and nutrition education to individuals and communities. Whatever role you play, medial internships in Nepal could help you learn about how the beliefs and culture in a community may impact the practice of medicine. Programs might be offered at a variety of skill and education levels, and areas of discipline.

Business Internships in Nepal

Want a unique opportunity to develop your business acumen? A variety of opportunities to intern in Nepal may suit your interests. You could gain project team experience, help with the business needs of a nonprofit or other organization, or work with an organization that helps people start businesses. But these are only a few examples of the type of work you might do in a business internship in Nepal. Whatever route you choose, this experience may allow you to practice your business skills, and maybe even make a difference while you’re doing it.

Preparing to Intern in Nepal

If you choose an internship in Nepal, get ready for a life changing experience! Depending on the nature of your internship program and the length of your stay, the specific visa and related paperwork you might need may vary. As such, it may be useful to get in touch with the program you enroll in for more information about what is required.

It might also be a good idea to follow up about your accommodations. Many programs may organize room and board on your behalf. However it’s important to know this in advance, in case you need to do any of the leg work yourself. One important thing to be aware of—your accommodations may be a little different than you’re used to! In addition to being another country with their own unique way of life, Nepal is also considered a developing nation. This may have an impact on the resources available when you get there.

Whether you’re spending a summer, semester, or even a year abroad, with preparation, you could set yourself up to make the most of a unique international internship in Nepal!

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