Internships in Mexico | Mexico Internship ProgramsHoping to prepare for your future by pursuing internships in Mexico? Whether you’re hoping to brush up on your Spanish skills, volunteer in a community that needs your help, or pursue professional experience in an area like political science, history, or environmental issues, Mexico just might be the perfect choice! Plus, there are lots of exciting things to enjoy in this country, from the Caribbean beaches of the Yucatán Peninsula to the vibrant arts scene in Mexico City.

Why pursue internships in Mexico?

Pursuing an internship abroad may be an amazing way to explore a different culture while gaining insight into your potential career field. But if you can pick anywhere in the world, why choose Mexico? For starters, Mexico has a fast-growing economy: the 11th largest in the world, based on PPP (purchasing power parity). If you’re interested in international business and globalization, perhaps you should take a closer look! And while Mexico is a big oil producer, it is also a country to watch if you’re concerned about alternative energy solutions. With over 1 million square meters of solar panels and more to come, it boasts the third most solar power potential in the world!

Mexico is also one of the world’s most-visited countries. Ecological parks and preserves, plus important archeological sites like the Mayan city of Chichén Itzá, serve as draws for tourists and researchers alike. But it’s not just Mexico’s rich history and beautiful native scenery that attracts visitors from all over the world. Mexico is also known for its amazing food, and there’s no better place to try tasty local specialties like barbacoa (slow-cooked meats) and chilaquiles (fried tortillas covered in salsa or mole).

Language tip: Que padre is Mexican slang for, “That’s awesome.” You can use it when you hear good news, or see something really great!

Where should I intern in Mexico?

Mexico contains 31 states, plus its capital, Mexico City. However, it can be divided into a few distinct regions, including:

Mexico City: Internships in Mexico City, the capital of Mexico, may be the perfect choice if you’re looking for a vibrant urban scene! Mexico is the world’s largest Spanish-speaking city, as well as one of the most important North American financial centers. It’s also rich in art, culture, and history….so whether you’re interested in banking, anthropology, music, or something entirely different, internships in Mexico City just might appeal to you!

Travel tip: While in Mexico City, be sure to visit the colorful Casa Azul (Blue House) where world-famous artist Frieda Kahlo lived and worked!

Northwestern Mexico: This region is home to states like Baja California, Durango, and Chihuahua. It boasts diverse and gorgeous natural areas, like Copper Canyon and the Sierra Madre Occidental—potentially a perfect choice if you’re interested in biodiversity, geology, and outdoor recreation!

Eastern Mexico: This region includes the state of Puebla, where festivals like Cinco de Mayo and the Day of the Dead are celebrated in a big way! Eastern Mexico is also home to five indigenous ethnic groups, including the Huastec people and the Otomi people.

Southwestern Mexico: Home to many indigenous people, this region of Mexico contains plenty of important archeological sites, plus opportunities to experience local crafts and foods. In Oaxaca, you could visit the pre-Columbian pyramid complex of Monte Albán or try chapulines (fried grasshoppers flavored with chile). And don’t miss the stunning Cascadas de Agua Azul (Blue Waterfalls) in the state of Chiapas.

Business etiquette for internships - Mexico

Those planning on living and interning in Mexico may wish to brush up on some local customs and etiquette. You may even find that you prefer the Mexican way of doing business! For starters, professionals in Mexico are often less direct than Americans, preferring to get to know each other personally before discussing work-related matters. It may be considered too abrupt to dive into business before asking after an associate’s family and wellbeing. Warmth, politeness, and even physical affection, like a kiss on the cheek, may be the norm among colleagues and strangers alike!

Both work and life may move a bit more slowly in Mexico. In fact, being late is generally not considered rude. Go with the flow and try to relax; you may find you enjoy a break from your fast-paced American lifestyle! However, not every aspect of life in Mexico is laid-back; businesspeople may dress more conservatively than you’re used to, in addition to treating each other with more ceremoniousness. It’s often a good idea to use the formal Spanish you (usted) when speaking to superiors or strangers.

How should I prepare for an internship in Mexico?

Besides brushing up on your Spanish and your knowledge of the local culture, you might want to look into health and travel advisories. There may be certain vaccinations you should get before your departure, as well as dietary recommendations to keep your digestive tract in good working order! Also do your research on social challenges you may encounter, such as poverty and lack of access to healthcare. You may even discover volunteer opportunities that could help you make a difference.

Below, you’ll find some sponsored listing for potential internships in Mexico City and other parts of Mexico. Adios, and best of luck finding a Mexico internship that’s perfect for you!