Internships in South Korea InformationInternships in South Korea may be a once in a lifetime opportunity, opening a potential gateway to all kinds of interesting educational opportunities and future prospects. Studying abroad in this exciting part of the world can give you a window into some of the most up-to-date business models currently in use. When you immerse yourself in Korean business culture first-hand as an intern, you may give yourself the possibility of getting unique experiences that aren’t available in your study environment at home. The potential long-term benefits could be a great enhancement for your career, especially if you’re interested in the world of global and multinational business.

Benefits of Pursuing Internships in South Korea

When you choose to pursue an internship in South Korea, you’re opening your future to a range of potential business opportunities. Korea is the location of many successful global corporations including Samsung, Hyundai and Kia. These corporate names are instantly recognized all over the world, making Korea a smart addition to your educational résumé.

Areas of Specialization for Internships in South Korea

Popular areas of specialization for a South Korea internship include all of the following:[i]

  • Marketing Support
  • Investment Support
  • New Media Marketing
  • Global Marketing
  • Design Assistance
  • Research Assistance
  • HR Development
  • IT Development

Depending on your skill level and your educational background, you may be asked to do a variety of tasks in the course of your Korean internship experience. Some interns may find themselves involved with activities at a high level of the company’s structure, while other interns might perform simpler tasks, especially during the first months of an internship.

Desirable Skills for Potential Interns in Korea

Business life in Korea can be very intense. It typically follows a strong set of cultural norms which are important for outsiders to learn about. If you’re thinking about possible corporate internships or research internships in Korea, you might want to evaluate your skills in these areas:[ii]

  • Korean language skills (these may be improved by on-site training and language classes while the intern is present in the country)
  • Openness to South Korean values, including the Confucian tradition that underlies many parts of local tradition and business ethics
  • Cultural flexibility to adapt to the unique business environment of Korea
  • At least some previous knowledge of Korean business etiquette, and willingness to continue learning the finer points of etiquette on the job
  • Ability to adjust expectations and behavior as needed, sometimes under intense time pressure if necessary
  • Resilience in the face of possible culture shock

The more effort you’re willing to make in learning these skills before applying for an internship, the easier the process may be when it comes to choosing a placement and accepting your duties as a busy intern. Professional life in Korea is sometimes challenging, but it may also bring many cultural and professional rewards in the course of an internship.

Cultural Perks of Internships in Korea

Working and learning in South Korea isn’t just a matter of dealing with difficult business situations. There’s also a fun side to Korean culture which makes it a popular destination for many potential interns. Pursuing possible internships in Korea can open the door to many cultural delights. Spending time in the country gives you the chance to be immersed in local attractions. Korean food is famous for its local specialties of barbecue and kimchi. Many people enjoy spending time in Korean cities, shopping or enjoying the latest beauty treatments. There’s plenty of exciting stuff for potential interns to do during a stay in Korea.

Are you interested in the possibility of business internships in South Korea? Financial support may be available for you if you qualify.

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