Hungary is located in central Europe and has a host of lovely neighbors including Slovakia, Romania, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Austria, and Ukraine. Its culture absorbs some of its neighbors’ personalities making it a culturally intriguing country. Internships in Hungary offer students an opportunity to travel and learn about the culture and people of Hungary.

Why Consider Internships in Hungary?

Along with 27 other countries, Hungary is a part of the European Union. This makes it part of a dynamic political, economic, and social system, all of which provide food for thought to up-and-coming professionals in the areas of political science, public policy, economics, and international business. Thanks to its tourism and rich heritage, Hungary may also be a great place to intern in areas like tourism, marketing, and sociology.

What is Wonderful about Hungary?

There are many things to love about Hungary! Here are just a few:

  1. Hungary is home to a host of Nobel Prize Winners. Perhaps their intelligence will rub off on you?
  2. Budapest. The stunningly gorgeous architecture! The Szèchenyi baths! Exploring the city by Danube River! The lively vibe! And so much more.
  3. Hungarian food is delicious. Lángos (fried bread smothered with sour cream and cheese), Gesztenyepüré (chestnut puree), and Kürtőskalács (chimney cake), are all foods you should add to your plate (at least once!).

Internships in Budapest Hungary Whats the Benefit?

Intern abroad programs offer numerous boons to up-and-coming professionals:

  1. Many international interns develop their international communication skills. These skills may be highly prized in today’s global economy and workforce.
  2. Many international interns develop a more global perspective. Professionals in most fields must interact with people, businesses, or organizations from other countries. Professionals with a global perspective may be more adept at navigating and honoring international relationships.
  3. Many international interns develop vital skills that enhance their resumes and interviewing acumen. Not to mention that they may emerge better prepared to manage challenges and face adversity in the workplace with presence, perseverance, creativity, and patience.