Internships in Berlin | Internships Abroad in Berlin, Germany ProgramsAh, Berlin: a multi-faceted city that embraces purposeful order and delightful chaos; a city that loves structure and freedom, predictability and creativity, work and play. Berlin perhaps serves as a city for the adventurous yet practical adult in all of us. Maybe that’s part of what makes it a wonderful place to intern abroad. Internship programs in Berlin might give you access to a balance of experiences. It may allow you to develop your skillset, earn academic credit, and enhance your resume, all while diving into a fun, fascinating, and life-enhancing adventure. Read on to learn what awaits your arrival in Berlin. 

Why Pursue Internship Programs in Berlin?

We’ll start with the practical to satisfy the adult in you (don’t worry—we’ll keep this short!). Berlin is Germany’s capital city and economic and political center. It is the country’s largest city and the seventh most populous urban area in the European Union. Its economy is diverse and well-developed, and students might find a variety of exciting internships in Berlin. With an expansive arts and media scene, a devotion to innovation and technological advancement, and a unique set of historical and sociological dynamics, Berlin might be a perfect spot for up-and-coming professionals to develop their skills and knowledge.

So why else might Berlin be a great place to intern? (This section is for your inner explorer!)

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