Given that you’re looking for a Spanish language program in another country, you likely have some idea that one of the best ways to learn another language is to submerse yourself in it. Or, at minimum, you’ve at least considered that learning another language could be a lot of fun in another country. Either way, if you want to study Spanish, doing one of the intensive Spanish language programs in Spain could a wonderful idea. Read on to learn more.

How Are Intensive Spanish Language Programs in Spain in Spain Structured?

Intensive Spanish Language Programs in Spain vary by structure, duration, and even intention. In some programs, students meet daily or weekly, for several weeks, several months, or even a semester. Within those and other types of programs, students might study primarily in the classroom, or they might explore their city, province, or other parts of Spain as part of their structured lessons.

Some students might live with Spanish-speaking host families for the duration of their programs, while others might stay on campus or in apartments. Programs for learning Spanish might emphasize one of several levels of general Spanish, or they might focus on an area of Spanish such as medical, tourist, or business Spanish. These are just some of the many forms Intensive Spanish Language Programs in Spain might take. You can browse through your many options on our site to decipher what type of program might be best for you.

What Might It Be Like To Study in Spain?

Spain’s Geography

Located in southwest Europe, Spain shares coasts with the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea. It’s a neighbor to France and Portugal, and narrowly separated by the Strait of Gibraltar from Morocco, Africa. Spain is Europe’s fourth largest country and has dozens of provinces divided into 17 autonomous communities, many of which have distinct histories and culture.[i]

As you engage in a Spanish study abroad program, you might stay in one of Spain’s larger cities, smaller towns, or even a village. You might stay in one place or move throughout the country. Before or after your program, you might opt to travel to some of Spain’s most treasured destinations or even visit one of its neighboring countries. No matter where you study in Spain, you’re likely to enjoy a life-enhancing adventure as you build your Spanish language skills.

Spanish Culture

While you’re in Spain, you’ll likely notice that different regions boast different foods, styles of architecture, dialects, social norms, and atmospheres. Consistent with many places around the globe, you’ll also likely notice that larger cities tend to brim with museums, galleries, street fairs, sidewalk cafes, and social environments, while smaller towns and villages tend to be more peaceful, still, and gently-paced. No matter the location, much of the country boasts beautiful old buildings—from castles, to monasteries, to forts—and embraces a community-oriented lifestyle, where time spent socializing and eating with friends and family is treasured. You may also find that much of Spain orients around siesta—a mid-afternoon time for rest—late-night dinners, and workdays bookended by walks through squares and moments in well-tended parks and quaint cafes.

Why Study Spanish in Spain?

The obvious answer is that one of Spain’s primary languages is Spanish. This means that you can communicate with native Spanish speakers throughout the country, use Spanish to navigate everyday life, and immerse yourself in Spanish language both in and out of school. The not so obvious answer lies in Spain’s cultural beauty and intrigue, the likes of which are not to be missed. Here are some sights and experiences you might want to see and enjoy while you’re learning Spanish abroad:

  • Spain’s many museums such as the Museo Nacional Del Prado in Madrid, the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, and the Dalí Theatre and Museum in Catalonia
  • Antonio Gaudi’s work in Barcelona, Spain, such as the Sagrada Familia, Park Güell, and Casa Milà
  • All or part of Spain’s El Camino de Santiago, a hundreds-of-miles pilgrimage across Spain
  • Teide National Park on the Canary Islands, where you can see craters, volcanoes, and petrified lava
  • Seville, Spain to dance Flamenco (or see a show) and witness some of Spain’s Moorish influence

These are just some of the many wonderful sights you could enjoy while engaging in intensive Spanish language programs in Spain.

How Do I Get Started?

There are lots of programs to learn Spanish in Spain, and we’ve gathered many of them here. Simple browse through the Intensive Spanish Language Programs in Spain below to get a sense of where you could study, for how long, and through what type of format. Once you’ve found one or several programs you like, contact them through our website to request additional information or to sign up. If you’re interested in learning Spanish abroad, doing so in Spain could be a wonderful opportunity. Enjoy!