An Intensive Language in Rome program brings you to the very special capital city of Italy, where you can find the only existing example of a city within a city – Vatican City! This is only one of the unique features of Rome, whose history and mythology dates back around or before 753 BC.[i] If you are thinking of studying abroad, a language program offers you the best of travel and adventure, academics and college credit, as well as the opportunity to learn or fine tune your language skills in a culturally enriching setting.

Why Consider an Intensive Language in Rome Program?

If you can picture the dynamic cosmopolitan city of Rome with its monuments, the Vatican museums, the Colosseum and the Arch of Constantine as your interactive language lab, just imagine how much more to converse about you will have. While every city and region in Italy is unique, Rome is almost larger than life and certainly the country’s most populated city.

FUN FACT: How do you say “ancient city” in Italian? Say ‘citta antica’ (web)[ii]

What Makes Rome Unique?

With centuries of history that is still visible to the naked eye, one of the great parts to a language immersion program in Rome is that you usually get to do some inspiring travel excursions during your stay. That allows you to pick up some practical language skills, explore your surroundings and grow both linguistically and culturally. With all that Rome has to offer, it is likely to be memorable on so many levels, and as a backdrop for study, has many unique feature[iii]s:

  • Rome’s contribution to architecture includes the dome, the arch and the vault  
  • You can see the Piazza del Campidoglio by Michelangelo – a masterpiece of Renaissance architecture
  • Rome is filled with villas, landscaped gardens and aqueducts
  • Contemporary Rome’s economy is dominated by high-tech companies
  • Rome is a major center for higher education
  • The Parco della Musica is one of the largest musical venues in the world
  • Rome is the fourth most important center for fashion in the world
  • Rome is the center of Italian cinema

Language in Rome

One of the cool things about an Intensive Language in Rome program is that Rome is its historic contribution to language in the form of Latin, and its present day status as a multilingual city.


During the summer, Rome celebrates the Roma Incontra il Mondo, Rome Encounters the World, held in the city’s large Villa Ada park, where food and music from around the world are featured. In mid-march, on the feast day of San Giuseppe, Romans head to the Trionfale neighborhood to eat cream-filled doughnuts called bigne di San Giuseppe. With festivals and events taking place all year, studying language in Rome is likely to coincide with some fantastic local fun.

Good Appetite!                                                  

Let’s be honest, talking and eating with friends can be some of our most memorable times. Imagine yourself as part of a group of international students, all navigating the menu in one of Rome’s eateries. Long considered a gastronomical center, the food in Rome is based on local ingredients and what is in season. One of the local pastimes is to make a special feast day (sagra) to honor a local product or culinary creation; artichokes, cheese, regional wine, pasta, mushrooms –whatever is currently being harvested.

Find an Intensive Language Program in Rome

Whether you are looking for a quality Italian Immersion Program where you can learn Italian where it is the official language, or to study Italian while taking other courses, an Intensive Language Program in Rome is likely to be rewarding and remembered for a long time to come. There are different choices depending on what length of time you want to study abroad and whether you prefer home stay or other accommodation. Browse through the sponsored listings  to find the right program for your goals.

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