Learn English in Ireland Programs InformationStudents who wish to learn English in a vibrant, friendly country might discover that a language immersion in Ireland has a lot to offer. The Republic of Ireland is a northwestern European sovereign state that is also a part of the United Kingdom. Although many people may believe the island of Ireland is one country, Northern Ireland is separate and unto itself. Ireland’s landscape varies from rugged, mountainous landscapes, valleys and coastal sceneries. Many visitors note that the Irish people are some of the kindest, welcoming people in the world which is comforting to hear if you decide to Learn English in Ireland!

Why Pursue a Language Immersion in Ireland?

Still unsure about Ireland? Here are some aspects that may be an integral part of your Irish journey.

Do They Speak English in Ireland?

If you’re not familiar with Ireland you may not be aware of the primary languages spoken there, but have no fear. English is the most popular language spoken among the Irish people and Gaelic (the Irish’s home language) comes in at a close second[i] Although some older communities may prefer to speak Gaelic, there’s likely not many Irish people who speak it exclusively. Students who wish to learn English in Ireland might greatly benefit from this immersive, English speaking environment.

Live Among Locals

Sometimes the best way to learn a language is by putting yourself in a program where you can interact with local Irish people every day. You’d be likely to learn English in a much more practical, conversational manner. Search for programs that offer the opportunity for students to live with a host family, and perhaps you might be on your way to learning English quicker than you thought!

Study English in Cork City

Cork is the second city of Ireland and many of the locals refer to it as the “real capital of Ireland”.[ii] It’s a city that has a mixture of old world and new, which makes Cork a uniquely charming and fun to explore. For those seeking to learn English in Ireland through its culture, then you would be wise to consider a program based in Cork. Be sure to visit sites such as Blarney Castle (home to the Blarney Stone!), the many art galleries and museums that Cork has to offer.

Learn English While Working

Language immersion programs are often provided exclusively or alongside your studies, but what comes after? If you’re looking to gain practical work experience as well as proficiency in English, search for programs that offer career assistance either during or after your program’s completion. This might be a great way to get your foot in the door and jumpstart your potential career abroad in Ireland.

A Variety of Options

Each program differs from program length, level of intensity and location. For students who seek to learn English in Ireland over a longer period of time, there are yearlong or possibly even full degree options that might be of interest. Complete beginners are welcome to apply as well, for some programs start at the basics of English and you work your way up. You might find that the possibilities are plenty when it comes to language immersion programs in Ireland.

Discover Learn English in Ireland Programs

The prospect of studying English is exciting both on an educational and professional standpoint, but remember to take time during your stay in Ireland to enjoy the sites, culture and people. The perfect immersive language abroad program in Ireland may be out there for you and it’s just a click away here on StudyAbroad.com. Click the drop down menus to search for specialized programs that may fit your needs. Best of luck on your search.

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