Intensive Language Programs in Nice, France | Study French in NiceImagine learning a language along the bright blue waves of the Mediterranean – with intensive language programs in Nice, France, you could do just that. This program could give you the chance to develop new language skills along the French Riviera while simultaneously immersing yourself in French culture. Of course, this immersion includes more than just studying: it could mean eating the delicious regional cuisine, dancing to the beat of local music, and enjoying the company of your new, French neighbors. Education doesn’t have to be contained in the classroom. It could also be found while exploring a coastal port through an intensive language program in Nice, France.

Why Pursue Language Intensive Programs in Nice, France?

An intensive language program in Nice, France, could be a great way to have your cake and eat it too. You could receive a formal education that enhances your current knowledge of the French language while expanding your learning outside of class. You could apply your new skills to order off a menu, or learn a new phrase from your French neighbors.  A language intensive program in Nice, France, could draw from both textbooks as well as life to give you an opportunity to fully immerse yourself in your language of choice.

What Could Life Be Like When I Pursue a Language Intensive Program in Nice, France?

Its food: Nice’s cuisine incorporates many local Mediterranean ingredients. Olives, and more importantly olive oil, are featured in many dishes as part of the Mediterranean diet. Additionally, its coastal location on the French Riviera makes for prime fishing: many dishes include local fish such as mullets, bream, sea urchins, and the favorite, anchovies. Being a large port for the Mediterranean area, the cuisine is also heavily influenced by surrounding regions who use the location for trade and tourism: many dishes take on aspects of Provence, Liguria, and Piedmont cuisine. If all of this sounds delicious, consider this your list of “must try” dishes:

  • You may have seen them on western menus, but nicoise salads originated as part of Nicois cuisine. The salad uses ingredients like anchovies, shallots, red peppers, and other vegetables to make a regional favorite. Tuna and potatoes later became delicious additions to this dish.
  • La Socca is a great snack to share with friends because of its massive size. This Nicois dish is often compared to a crispy, salty pancake. Be sure to cover it with black pepper before eating for a truly authentic experience.
  • Farcis is a fresh way to sample the Mediterranean’s regional flavors. This dish hollows out tomatoes, eggplants, and zucchini and fills them with meat, garlic, and bread crumbs. It could be a nice light meal for the warm nights on the French Riviera.
  • You might want a bouquet of Les Beignets de Fleurs de Courgettes – but these flowers are for eating, not smelling! This Nice specific dish takes the fries blooms of the courgette flower for a stunning-looking treat.

With the warm weather and fresh ingredients, many meals pair well with the region’s rosé wine. Be sure to grab a chilled glass when you can.

Its culture: Nice, located on the south-east coast of France, sits on the portion of the Mediterranean known as the French Riviera. Originally founded by the Greeks, Nice continued, throughout its history, to take in influences from the surrounding Mediterranean countries. Due to this, hints of Italy and Spain might be seen in the local traditions, most notably in music and dance.  

Nice presents festivals throughout the year to display its local culture. The Carnaval de Nice and the Nice Jazz Music Festival could be a great chance to see Nicois talent on display. If the festivals aren’t enough, you could also check out some of the museums in the area: the Musée Matisse and the Musée des Beaux-Arts offer a collection of Nice inspired artworks.

Its sights: Nice offers a variety of excursions outside the classroom. Next time you’re looking for a study break, why not consider some of these adventures:

  • The Promenade des Anglais is a great, free, excursion to with a gorgeous view of the Mediterranean waves. The sprawling walkway is situated directly next to the sea, and is perfect for a stroll or a quick study break. That view could be great inspiration for your work!
  • The museums mentioned above could be the day trip you need to relax from class. There are a wide variety of museums to choose from, focusing on everything from abstract to classical art. Check a few out to get a varied glimpse of artistic Nice.
  • Cours Saleya might be a foodie’s dream! The large, farmer’s market is set up throughout the week and open for students to explore (and eat!). On Mondays, stop by to explore its weekly antique fair.
  • With the French Riviera a stone’s throw away, you should definitely spend a day on its beaches. The beaches may be rockier than you’re used to (not sandy!), so be sure to rent a chair from one of the surrounding resorts before you start basking in the sun.

In addition to these sights, Nice is full of other historical sites, city centers, environmental excursions, and UNESCO World Heritage sights. Do some research online and talk to your new neighbors for more ideas.

Find Intensive Language Programs in Nice, France

Ready to start your language intensive program in Nice, France? To search for a perfect program for you, browse the links listed below. When you find one that sounds interesting, click through the link to request more information or apply. Learning a language could be more than just studying in a classroom – it could be a memorable experience that you might talk about for years to come. Good luck finding a perfect language intensive program in Nice, France, today!