Intensive Language Programs in Shanghai | Study Chinese in ChinaIf you’ve been looking for a program to develop your language skills in an immersive environment, intensive language programs in Shanghai, China might a great choice! This could be more than a chance to study, but an opportunity to experience the unique history and culture of China. Engage with the country on a new level: eat the food, enjoy the nightlife, chat with locals – while practicing your developing language skills.

Why Consider an Intensive Language Program in Shanghai, China?

A language intensive program in Shanghai, China, could be a great way to immerse yourself in a native speaking country. Combine traditional classroom instruction with the opportunity to use the Chinese language during your day-to-day life – hanging out with new friends, ordering food, or exploring the historical sites. Asking for directions or for a food recommendation could become part of your studies!

What Could Life Be Like When I Pursue a Language Intensive Program in Shanghai, China?

Its food: You may be more familiar with Shanghai cuisine than you think! Ever see pictures of red, shiny Chinese dishes? That’s Shanghai food! The food gets its unique coloration from a wine the ingredients are often pickled in. Like other Chinese regions, soy sauce is a common condiment. Many Shanghai people combine the salty sauce with sugar for a tasty treat! A popular preparation style is “drunken” food: the meat and vegetables are soaked in alcoholic spirits before cooking.

When perusing a Shanghai menu, you might notice that many meals don’t come with sauces. The aim of Shanghai cuisine is to highlight the flavors of the ingredients themselves and not cover them up with many additions. Here’s a few dishes to seek out and try during your adventures:

  • It might not sound delicious, but Hairy Crab is a Shanghai delicacy. Order this shellfish steamed so you could enjoy the fresh taste. If you really need a condiment, pair it with a little vinegar for dipping.
  • Di Shui Dong ribs are not the ribs you’d commonly get in Chinese take-out. These ribs are usually braised in soy sauce before being served. Grab a beer and chow down on a few of these.
  • Noodles are a common street food dish and there are too many preparations to list. After a late night out (or studying!) stop by a stand and grab a plate of noodles. You’ll be glad you did.
  • Hongshao Rou is a savory dish that’s great for dinnertime. This tasty dish braises pork belly in soy sauce and sugar. This could be you a great first meal in Shanghai.

Its culture: China is a huge country: the third largest in the world, to be exact. It shares its wide borders with 13 countries: Russia, India, Myanmar, Laos, and Vietnam to name a few. Shanghai, located in eastern China, is the most heavily populous city in the country. Many of the population speak Mandarin as their native language, but many also speak a vernacular language called Shanghainese. What a great opportunity to further develop your language skills!

During your first week – or throughout your program – you may receive plenty of visitors. Visiting friends is a big part of the Chinese culture. Be sure to return the favor to your new peers!

Its sights: Shanghai holds many sights hidden within its walls. You may find some of these landmarks when you start exploring:

  • The Yuyuan Garden could be a great escape from the bustling city. The Ming Dynasty era garden is well-known for the sculpted dragons that make up the walls.
  • Nanjing Road could be a great way to see the nightlife of Shanghai. This brightly lit street is full of nightclubs, shopping destinations, and distinctive architecture.
  • The Shanghai Museum is situated on Nanjing Road. The museum is home to more than one million artifacts including everything from jade carvings to traditional Chinese garb.
  • If you’re looking for a cheap excursion, take a stroll along the Bund. This path could give you a beautiful view of the Shanghai cityscape. Not up for a walk? A relaxing ferry ride could be a great way to take in the view.

In addition to these sights, Shanghai offers city monuments, national parks, and other UNESCO World Heritage sites. Ask your new friends about their favorites!

Find Intensive Language Programs in Shanghai

Attending an intensive language program in Shanghai, China could be a life-changing experience, both in terms of new skills and cultural exploration. Excited yet? Harness that excitement as you browse the links listed below. You might find a perfect program for your goals. When you find one, click through the link to request more information. Good luck finding a perfect language intensive program in Shanghai, China, today!