While it’s entirely possible for you to learn French in the United States, you may not be able to truly immerse yourself in the language and the nuances of the culture behind the language. Because French isn’t one of the more common languages here in the States, you could find it beneficial to study French in Canada through French immersion programs, where the language is more common. In addition to the experiences you might have as a study abroad student, you just might find that Canada has more of the type of employment opportunities you desire. Imagine the personal and professional connections you could make, the cherished memories to create and the stories you may have to tell your friends and family.

French Immersion Programs Abroad in Canada

If you’ve already started learning French and desire a more in-depth learning experience, you could be greatly intrigued with the idea of French immersion programs through courses in Canada. While you’re continuing your studies in the largest country in the Western Hemisphere, you may have the opportunity to explore the industrial and technological marvels of Canada. The country is also well known for its cultural diversity, which is something you might desire in your learning program.[i]

Besides chances to learn and grow, you may also enjoy the fact that a study abroad program might be less expensive than the cost of your current higher learning program. With that in mind, taking your French education on the road seems like something to seriously consider, wouldn’t you say?

Learning French in Canada

While you might enjoy the French language, you may find job prospects to be lacking here in the U.S. by learning French in Canada, you could uncover professional and career opportunities you were never aware of, ones your current professors and program may not even know. If you’re already aware of special jobs in Canada available to those who study French, French immersion programs may better prepare you to qualify for those positions.

While studying in Montreal, you might feel right at home amongst the old-world lifestyle, historic buildings carved from stone and the horse-drawn carriages. Something you may find appealing about the city is that it’s the largest French-speaking metropolis after Paris. Here exists a perfect blend of European and North American sensibilities. Montreal has everything from underground shopping and a Metro system to mountain climbing and Jazz festivals.[ii]

Types of French Programs Available in Canada

As for the specifics on French courses in Canada, your options include part-time programs, standard programs, intensive programs and even super intensive programs. You may like the sound of a private program if you enjoy a one-on-one learning environment.[iii] You could also find it comforting to know that some French study abroad programs have been bonded by the Quebec Ministry of Education. Such programs may be found on a campus that offers a student learning center, student resource center and a multimedia facility.[iv]

If you have yet to graduate high school and get started on a French program at a higher learning institution, you might be intrigued by the idea of enrolling in a summer language program for teens focused on the French language. Such programs are found in Canada and are open to students from around the world, which might make for even more learning opportunities and the chance to forge international friendships. As you complete such a summer program, you might live with a local family, explore Canada and engage in classes and afternoon activities.[v]

No matter if you plan on pursuing a career in the U.S. or abroad, the chance to learn French in Canada in an abroad program could serve as one of the more memorable and eye-opening experiences of your life. Explore your options and find a program that meets your personal, financial and future career needs.