Perhaps you’ve heard that one of the best ways to learn another language is to submerse yourself in it. Australia study abroad intensive language programs may enable you to do just that. Through programs that last anywhere from a few weeks to one year, you may submerse yourself in the English language both in the classroom and in your everyday life. If you want to learn English, why not study in Australia? Learn more about Intensive Language Program in Australia opportunities. 

Why Choose an Intensive Language Program?

Through intensive language study abroad programs in Australia, you might learn English grammar, vocabulary, and, in some cases, the specialized terminology of certain industries such as tourism or business. In the case of most programs, you’ll do so through near-daily study in multi-week, multi-month, or 1-year programs. In your classes, you’ll likely read, write, and speak English under the supervision of an English-speaking expert and alongside your classmates. Field trips are often part of these programs and may provide great learning opportunities. This intensive type of study has helped many students learn another language.

Plus, when you’re not in the classroom, doing field trips, or studying in Australia, you’ll be living in the country. This means that as you engage in everyday life, you’ll likely be using the English language. Whether you’re running errands (grocery shopping or going to the bank, for example), navigating the city (reading maps, following street signs, and exploring sites, for example), or making new friends, you may be developing your grammar and vocabulary and applying them in practice. For many people, this thorough submersion in language is one of the best ways to learn.

How Might I Benefit From an Intensive Language Program?

Ultimately, the benefits you derive from your intensive language program depend on your goals and efforts. However, there are some general reasons why many people opt to engage in an intensive program.

First, many students opt to engage in an intensive language program because they can do so over a summer, semester, or year. Doing so may allow them to develop their English-language skills while balancing school, work, and other obligations or while sinking into an English-speaking culture for a longer period of time.

Second, many students take an intensive language program to prepare to enter an English-language degree program. Some intensive language programs are even designed to prepare students for the language proficiency exam many schools require non-native English speakers to take.

Third, many students develop their English language skills in a particular area such as tourism or business. Learning the specialized terminology in fields like these could help prepare students for careers in these industries.

Fourth, because English is spoken in many countries throughout the world, many students want to learn the language for their jobs, enhancing their resumes, or future travel.

These are just some of the many reasons why students might engage in an intensive language program.

Why Engage in an Intensive Language Program in Australia?

Let’s face it: Australia can be lots of fun. Between its natural beauty, stimulating culture, and devotion to adventure, it has a little bit of everything for everyone. Imagine practicing your English-listening skills while you enjoy a behind-the-scenes tour at the Sydney Opera House or listen to the dinner specials at the Sydney Tower Restaurant. Picture reading about koalas andkKangaroos (in English!) even as you hold and witness them in animal sanctuaries. Imagine exploring the Waitomo Caves, hiking through the Blue Mountains, or seeing Hobbiton (the sites of Lord of the Rings in New Zealand) as you speak English with your new friends. Basically, picture yourself having a great adventure and experience while you study English and practice your skills. These are the opportunities you may enjoy when you engage in an intensive language program in Australia.    

Find an Intensive Language Program in Australia

Below you’ll find listings of intensive language programs in Australia. Simply read each program’s headline to get a sense of what it offers. Then, select “Learn More” to view program details, request additional information, and view similar programs. In some cases, you’ll also find program reviews.

Why wait to jump into one of these great Australia study abroad programs? Your adventure awaits. Good luck!