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Graduate courses are small (12 students or fewer) allowing for maximum interactions between students and their professors.
Rock Hill, United States
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Full Degree
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Students have a choice of two paths including a traditional thesis-based option and a nonthesis option within the M.S. degree program. Students interested in continuing on to Ph.D. or professional programs typically pursue the thesis option while the nonthesis option works well for full-time, working professionals who seek advancement in their field. Thesis students are paired with a faculty advisor at the time of admission with whom they work on a research project. A foundational course, taken in the first semester, prepares students to develop and carry out research. The size of our program allows faculty to work closely with students to help them select courses and develop projects which best fit their interests and career goals. The thesis option provides students with excellent preparation to continue their training in doctoral or professional programs which emphasize a research component. The nonthesis option emphasizes breadth of training, with students taking advanced coursework across the full range of biology subfields. Nonthesis students may opt to carry out a one-semester project with a faculty member to gain research experience. Nonthesis students leave the program well-prepared to continue on to professional schools, to enter biologically-oriented professions in research or government, or to teach at the community college level.

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Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools
Financial Aid:
In addition to the general requirements for admission to The Graduate School at Winthrop, admission to the program for the Master of Science degree in biology requires the applicant to: 1. Successfully complete an undergraduate major in biology, or its equivalent, and one year of general chemistry. 2. Submit two letters of recommendation to the Graduate School Office. 3.Submit a statement of Personal and Professional Goals. Indicate whether admission is sought under the thesis or non-thesis option. 4.Submit official scores on the General Test of the Graduate Record Examination* to the Graduate School. Eligibility for admission to the program is based on the following point scale: