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Physical, Land Resources.
Brussels, Belgium
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Study Abroad
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Academic Year

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Number of ECTS: 120 Duration: 2 years Campus: Etterbeek In cooperation with: Universiteit Gent The Master of Physical Land Resources has two specializations: Soil Science (organized by the Universiteit Gent) and Land Resources Engineering (organized by the Vrije Universiteit Brussel). During your training you acquire a profound knowledge of pedology, soil physics and chemistry, soil mineralogy, soil prospection and classification, statistics and computer science, climatology and meteorology. Depending on the chosen modules you can specialize in the fields of: land evaluation, soil fertility, soil-water management... Profile: Soil Science If you graduate in the subject of Soil Science you: • can deduct information from the characterisation of soil material and its environment about soil forming processes, in particular for tropical (humid and dry) areas and are competent in interpreting the data in relation to the soil and the regolith as part of the ecosystem both in time and space • can scientifically study the abiotic aspects of soil and water management, and have knowledge of agricultural engineering systems and techniques • are knowledgeable about soil and methods to evaluate the soil and its components (solid soil parts, soil fluids, soil air) for multiple applications • have the competence to recognize the impact of technical interventions and measures in the frame of soil and land management both in the short and in the long term, and to understand, assess and interpret it • have the competence to use modern equipment, informatics and computer technology to inventory soil or land and to model abiotic processes. Profile: Land Resources Engineering If you graduate in the subject of Land Resources Engineering you can: • combine applied scientific knowledge and advanced technical competence in non-agricultural aspects of soil management • use GIS and earth observation techniques to digitally inventory and process soil data and landscape characteristics • have acquired the basic knowledge in geo-techniques with special reference to practical applications of soil as building and foundation material, and to the stability of slopes and excavations • can use field, physical and chemical techniques to study and describe soil and regolith layers • have knowledge about the interactions between soil and groundwater in relation to environment management and land use • have insight in the processes which influence soil and landscape stability, and are acquainted with and can design possible measures for management and remediation. International Course Programme This programme is one of the International Course Programmes supported by the Flemish Interuniversity Council (VLIR-UDC).

Physical, Land Resources.

Career opportunities Employment can be found in the fields of: • soil management • environment assessment • water management, including water supply and control • stability of taluds and excavations • use of soil as construction material • coastal development • erosion and sediment transport
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