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Management, Marine, Lacustrine, Science, International Course Programme
Brussels, Belgium
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Study Abroad
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Academic Year

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Program Description:
ECTS: 120 Years: 2 Campus: Etterbeek Programme co-organized by the Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Universiteit Antwerpen and Universiteit Gent International Course Programme The programme provides insight into the diversity and complexity of the life and processes in the oceans, seas, lakes and estuaries and skills to study and manage them. In many cases, this diversity is endangered because the aquatic environment is increasingly coming under pressure—climate change, biodiversity erosion, increasing fishery requirements and overfishing, pollution, developments in aquaculture, coastal reclamation, etc. Ever-increasing need for highly educated people to carry out marine and lacustrine research Therefore, there is an ever-increasing need for highly educated and trained people to carry out specific marine or lacustrine research or to work on sustainable utilization and management of these ecosystems from the vantage point of their multidisciplinary expertise. The 2-year master programme addresses students with a background in Sciences. It provides you with strong fundamental and applied knowledge and prepares you for an active role in the scientific research and management of marine ecosystems. The programme adopts a multidisciplinary approach integrating physical, chemical geological, ecological and societal aspects and including nature conservation and sustainable development. This programma trains students in: 1. playing a key role in high quality scientific marine research 2. providing advice in marine management based on sound scientific knowledge 3. becoming critically minded, problem-solving and communicative scientists International Course Programme The programme is one of the International Course Programmes supported by the Flemish Interuniversity Council (VLIR-UDC). Unique international character The diversity of professional, disciplinary and cultural backgrounds of both students and lecturers ensures that the programme has a truly unique international character.

Management, Marine, Lacustrine, Science, International Course Programme

This multidisciplinary Master’s diploma is your admission ticket to a fascinating professional world and can be the start of an international career. As a scientist with a broad education, you are the right person for functions that require an integrated approach. The integration of knowledge from across various disciplines is valuable, and you can contribute significantly in various jobs that are concerned with marine and lacustrine domains, wherever they are in the world. The programme is broad and deep and can complement a wide range of scientific professions. Needed: people with expertise in the area of sustainable utilization and management of marine and lacustrine ecosystems Due to the increasing pressure on the natural marine and lacustrine ecosystems, there is an ever-increasing need for highly educated and trained people to collaborate, from their multidisciplinary expertise, on the sustainable utilization and management of these ecosystems. This offers many challenging prospects for the future. As a Master with expertise and experience in marine and lacustrine science and management, you are a scientist who has the underlying foundation and the necessary capacities to contribute to the most up-to-date forms of education, pure and applied research and policy-supporting assignments.
Setting Description:
The programme is open to holders of a bachelor’s degree in biology, biochemistry and biotechnology, chemistry, geology, geography, geography and geomathics, bio-engineer science or environmental sciences. For other bachelors in science, applied science and life sciences, equivalency will be evaluated based on scientific competences and skills of the students by the Oceans & Lakes Steering Committee. All necessary information regarding the admission requirements, deadlines and application forms can be found on the web page 'How to enroll as a student'.
Subsidized tuition fees. As from 2013 • ˜€578,7 per year For details please visit our website. There are possible scholarships for students from developing countries.