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Management, Strategy, Finance, Accounting, International Economics, IT
Brussels, Belgium
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Study Abroad
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Academic Year

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Years: 2 Campus: Etterbeek The MSc in Management Science is a 2-year, full-time programme organised by the Solvay Business School of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel. It targets students - both Belgian and foreign - with academic bachelor’s degrees in Business Economics or Management (see below) who are looking for an English-language master’s programme with a distinct international and multidisciplinary flavour, and in an international setting. Doing business in an international context Doing business in an international context The basic concept behind the selection of the courses in the programme is straightforward. There are essentially three types of courses: courses that deal with today's international economic context, advanced business courses, and courses on the intersection of these two fields; that is, courses that are all about 'doing business in an international context', including a hands-on internship in a (multinational) company. he courses that introduce students to today's European/international/globalised economic environment are placed in the first semester of the first year. Courses that improve students' business knowledge are mainly in the second semester of the first year. Personalise your curriculum The first year consists of compulsory courses. But in the second year, apart from the Master’s thesis and the internship, there are only two compulsory courses, namely Corporate Social Responsibility, Multinational Strategic Planning and a brand new advanced course on international economics. This allows students to personalise their curriculum by picking elective courses.

Management, Strategy, Finance, Accounting, International Economics, IT

Strenghts of the programme Learn from professionals from all over the world... Our professors and lecturers come from every corner of the world, mostly from the academic arena, and usually from the most prestigious universities and business schools. In addition to our eminent academics, we are proud to welcome, as members of our teaching faculty, numerous business professionals and practitioners from every sector of business and the economy, including industry and services, as well as the private and public sectors in both Belgium and Europe. Their knowledge and experience cover every field of management and business (strategy, finance, marketing, leadership, technology, IT, etc.). ...specialised in various fields of research The Solvay Business School has also created a number of research Chairs, financed by corporate and private donors. Students have the opportunity to attend lectures given by the holders of these research Chairs, all of whom are highly respected and internationally known professors specialising in various fields of research.
Setting Description:
All necessary information regarding the admission requirements, deadlines and application forms can be found on the web page 'How to enroll as a student'. Curriculum requirements Direct admission Candidates with a Flemish university degree of 'Bachelor in de toegepaste economische wetenschappen'. Admission after examination of the application file: Candidates with a university Bachelor’s degree (or equivalent) in a field related to business/management or economics who have obtained the minimum number of (European) credits in EACH of the subjects as set out below (a total of 96) may be admitted after a review of their application by the Admissions Board. Field Minimum number of ECTS credits required Law 6 Business/Management 24 Economics 15 Languages 15 Quantitative mehtods 24 Humanities/Social Sciences 12 Admission refused for: • Applicants who fulfil the conditions set out above, but who are judged by the Admissions Board to have unacceptable grades or insufficient background to
Subsidized tuition fees: • ˜€610 per year for EEA students • ˜€2950 per year for non-EEA students For details visit our website.