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Geography, social/ natural phenomena, Sciences
Brussels, Belgium
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Study Abroad
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Academic Year

Program Overview

Program Description:
ECTS: 120 Number of years: 2 Campus: Brussel (Etterbeek) Cooperation with: Katholieke Universiteit Leuven The Master of Geography programme is a two-year advanced study organised by the Vrije Universiteit Brussel and the K.U.Leuven. This interuniversity master’s programme provides the students with comprehensive training in spatial approaches to social and/or natural phenomena. The programme provides a deeper understanding of geographical problems and methods, knowledge to augment the theoretical debate within the discipline, and training in the use of geographical research techniques. The global aim of the master’s programme is to generate geographers that can play an active role in contemporary society. The following specialisations are offered: • Development and Environment • Space and Society • Terrestrial Ecosystems and Environmental Change

Geography, social/ natural phenomena, Sciences

Geographers study the interaction between human societies and their environments, they characterise the resulting regions and localities, and they analyse the spatial distributions and processes of particular natural and human phenomena. Being in equal parts a natural science and a social science, and equipped with geographical information science techniques, geography integrates the study of physical and human systems. In this way, geographers have long applied integrated, multidisciplinary approaches to solve real-world problems on all spatial scales, from local to global. Undoubtedly there exists a growing demand for competent professionals in the broad field of the geo-sciences. As a graduate from the interuniversity programme, Master of Geography, you may be recruited by • mapping agencies • surveying companies • service and utility providers • public entities You will also be placed high on the recruitment lists of national and international administrations which deal with urban and rural land-use planning, disaster management, environmental.
Setting Description:
The master’s programme presupposes a broad basic knowledge of the natural and social sciences, as well as a broad introduction to geography. The starting conditions are expressed in the amount of ECTS credits the student should have already acquired. The following Bachelor’s degrees provide direct access to the programme: • Bachelor of Geography • Bachelor of Geography and Geomatics, specialisation Geography • Bachelor of Geology, minor Geography All necessary information regarding the admission requirements, deadlines and application forms can be found on the web page 'How to enroll as a student'.
Subsidized tuition fees. As from 2013 • ˜€578,7 per year For details please visit our website.