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Electromechanical Engineering
Brussels, Belgium
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Study Abroad
Degree Level:
Academic Year

Program Overview

Program Description:
Number of ECTS: 120 Duration: 2 years Campus: Etterbeek In cooperation with: Université Libre de Bruxelles: Brussels Faculty of Engineering (in short Bruface) Choose between four majors This master enables students to build a broad ranging scientific knowledge combined with a multidisciplinary engineering traiwithning an in-depth specialization in the chosen major: Aeronautics, Energy, Mechatronics-Construction or Vehicle Technology and Transport. Become an engineer with scientific and technological efficiency The program trains engineers with scientific and technological efficiency. The program is academic, meaning that it is characterized by close links to scientific research in the related fields as well as the profession. Students must obtain a scientific balance between thorough, critical knowledge and practical skills, with emphasis on independence, creativity and inventiveness. The academically educated engineer must be eager to study throughout his/her career in order to be able to assimilate the results of research and learn new skills. He/she must be able to solve problems. In addition, he/she should have both social and language skills. Specific objectives are: • To train engineers specialized in machine construction, the automobile industry, thermal installations, aircraft construction, consulting firms, application of machinery, maintenance of chemical, petrochemical and nuclear companies, production, distribution and application of electric energy (including power electronics and maintenance of industrial installations) • To specialize in electromechanical engineering while maintaining a broad-based education by balancing the specialization with more general subjects. Majors objectives are: • Aeronautics: students will become engineers who are competent in the many aspects of cutting-edge technologies in the aeronautics sector and their spin-off possibilities in other industrial sectors. The programme includes all aspects of construction, exploitation and maintenance of aircraft and spacecraft. • Energy: students will become engineers who are specifically well-acquainted with systems for production, transport distribution and electronic conversion of energy, as well as its transformation into mechanical energy. Sustainable energy, rational use of energy and energy management are also covered. • Mechatronics-Construction: students will become engineers who are able to optimally design, produce, maintain and apply complex electromechanical systems.. • Vehicle Technology and Transport: students will become engineers who can design systems in which transportation of people and goods are central, with special attention to innovative, environmentally friendly vehicles

Electromechanical Engineering

Career opportunities Can be found in various fields including: • machine construction • mechatronics • automobile industry • thermal installations • aircraft construction • maintenance in every industrial sector (e.g. chemical and nuclear) • companies • electrical energy (production, transport, distribution, renewable energy, electrical drives, power electronics) • energy management and policy, rational use of energy • terrestrial transports • consulting firms
Setting Description:
Admission decisions for students from other institutions are based upon evaluation of a complete application file. Students with a bachelor in the same field of study have direct access after the evaluation of their application file. The admission for holders of another engineering degree is based upon evaluation and approval by the curriculum council. For details please visit our website. If you already have any questions concerning application please send an email.
Subsidized tuition fees. as from 2013 • ˜€578,7 per year for EU students • ˜€2500 per year for non-EU students For details please visit our website.