Brussels, Belgium; Gent, Belgium
Program Type:
Study Abroad
Degree Level:
Academic Year

Program Overview

Setting Description:
Eligibility Direct admission Students with an academic Bachelor (or Master) diploma in engineering (university level) can enter the program without any prerequisites (except for students with a Bachelor or Master degree in architecture). This is also the case for students with a Master degree in bio-engineering. Students with a Master degree in industrial sciences (industrieel ingenieur) may enter the master program via a dedicated bridging program, totaling 120 ECTS credits. This program is essentially the same as the regular program, but 9 (of the 24) ECTS credits for elective courses are taken by the compulsory course elements “Capita Selecta Mathematicae” and “Wiskundige Modellen”. After completing an admission program All other students have to follow an admission program, accounting for approximately 30 to maximally 90 ECTS credits depending on the diploma of the students. The inter-universitary college fills in the program of each individual subject, depending on their already
Subsidized tuition fees. As from 2013 • €610 per year for EEA students • €2950 per year for non-EEA students For details please visit our website.