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The Master's Programme in Communications and Systems Engineering focuses on wireless communication and mobility.
Vaasa, Finland
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Full Degree
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Electrical Engineering

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The Master's Programme in Communications and Systems Engineering is an international Master’s programme focusing on the most popular telecommunication networks of both the present and the future. Emphasis of the programme is on wireless communications and mobility issues. The programme also addresses the areas of telecommunication architecture evolution, digital communication and radio technology. Key subject areas in mobile networks are wireless communication, quality of service, mobility and security. Students have the opportunity to take courses in both general telecommunications and in specific fields of mobile communication. Learning outcomes We offer 18 different courses and a Master's Thesis. In these courses you will learn how to: -Demonstrate different advanced wireless communication systems, structures, and theories. -Evaluate different practical communication systems and compare between different options for certain applications. -After some training in the industry, you will be able to design communication systems/networks/platforms. -Demonstrate the integration between wireless communications and systems, e.g., embedded systems, wireless automation, and wireless sensor networks. -Write up to date and high level scientific reports in different related areas such as wireless communication, embedded systems, automation, etc. -Have strong scientific research skills; hence, you will be able to continue smoothly into PhD studies in any technical university. -Present your ideas publicly and defend them in a scientific way. -Work efficiently in groups as well as individually. -Use high-level computer packages such as Matlab to make simulations for systems. -Develop and propose new solutions for some technical problems in wireless communication and applications. -Understand and analyze future communication systems. Degree Certificates -Master of Science (Technology) -Diplomi-insinööri

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State accredited
Financial Aid:
Applicants are eligible to apply for admission to the programme if they have completed: 1. a Bachelor’s degree (3-4 years) in an appropriate field outside Finland or 2. a university level Bachelor’s (or Master’s) degree in an appropriate field in Finland 3. a polytechnic level Bachelor’s degree in an appropriate field in Finland. The appropriate fields include e.g. telecommunications, computer science, automation or electrical engineering, or others similar to the aforementioned fields of study.
International Requirements:
When applying for admission, the applicants are required to prove their English language proficiency.

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