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The IRRS MA programme combines comprehensive study of international relations and particular geographic regions.
Tartu, Estonia
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Full Degree
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Political Science

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Program Description:

The IRRS MA programme at the University of Tartu combines comprehensive study of international relations as an academic discipline and political practice with in-depth understanding of particular geographic regions, including: - European Union - Russia and Eurasia - Baltic Sea region. These regional foci grow out of our multinational faculty’s research interests and competences and reflects Estonia’s historical experience at the border of Europe and Russia - experience which is highly relevant to other countries located in-between bigger powers. The programme provides in-depth knowledge about: - contemporary international relations - central principles and sources of international law - traditional and critical approaches in security studies - foreign policy analysis - conflict management and resolution mechanisms - politics, society, economics and international relations in the European Union, Russia and Eurasia, and the Baltic Sea region. The programme is suitable for all those who plan a career with an international focus, be it in diplomacy, public service, private sector or with non-governmental organizations. The international dimension of the programme is enhanced by wide-ranging study-abroad opportunities, study-trips, and the availability of tuition-waivers and scholarships to international students. The learning outcomes of the IRRS programme include: - comprehensive understanding of core IR concepts, approaches, and practices, including familiarity with international law, the global economy, and international security arrangements; - detailed knoweldge of a specific geographical region (European Union, Russia and Eurasia, Baltic Sea Region); - ability to identify and formulate meaningful research problems and/or questions in the field of International Relations, and the theoretical, analytical and methodological competencies to effectively address these; - specific knowledge, skills and norms relevant to the practice of international relations (e.g. conflict mediation, negotiations, - skills relevant to foreign and security policy formulation and implementation); - a range of general-purpose skills (e.g. effective oral and written communication skills, critical thinking, responsibility, initiative, leadership and teamwork skills); - an international perspective that will enrich career prospects both at home and globally.

3800 EUR.

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Minister of Education and Research of Estonia
Financial Aid:
FinancialAid Info:
Monthly scholarships available.
1. Bachelor’s degree or equivalent 2. English language requirements (TOEFL - iBT 75, IELTS 5.5, details listed on the official web-site)
International Requirements:
1. Bachelor’s degree or equivalent 2. English language requirements (TOEFL - iBT 75, IELTS 5.5, details listed on the official web-site)
Scholarships Description:
Tuition fee waivers are available.