Bordeaux, France
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Full Degree
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This two-year, international, integrated master course in Algebra, Geometry and Number Theory (ALGANT), was first selected as an Erasmus Mundus Masters Course in 2004. The teaching staff is very active in research and the students will profit from the many connections it entertains with research centres throughout the world. Traditionally number theory used the methods of algebra and analysis to solve problems such as finding the number of integral of solutions of equations. In recent times geometric methods have been playing a more important role. Also, number theory has found important applications in areas such as cryptography, theoretical computer science, and numerical mathematics. The ALGANT course aims at introducing students to the latest developments of these fascinating subjects. The consortium involves the universities of Bordeaux (France), Chennai (India), Leiden (The Netherlands), Milano (Italy), Montreal (Canada), Padova (Italy), Paris Sud (France) and Stellenbosch (South Africa), and it offers very good conditions of study. Classes will not exceed twenty students and professors have long office hours. The ideal candidate must possess an academic degree from a program in mathematics lasting a minimum of three years (Bachelor). A thorough proficiency in English is required. In fact, every student of the ALGANT master will be offered the possibility to follow his entire curriculum in English. For each student a program will be tailored individually, but every student will have to go through at least two hosting institutions of the consortium. The students having successfully completed the requirements of the ALGANT programme will be well armed to start a research-oriented career, preparing a doctorate or directly applying for a job in the many companies that are looking for the know-how we teach. They will be awarded a double degree, and/or a joint degree composed of two nationally recognised degrees issued by two consortium institutions, completed by a diploma supplement.

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